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SUPRA Sword XLR balanced audio cable pair

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The flagship cable from Supra Sweeden, is a true High-End cable, based on the Litze technoligy, and with RCA-8 anniversary plugs in the greatest quality.

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SUPRA Sword Interconnect - The High End
The success with the Sword loudspeaker cable lit an idea of designing an interconnect according to the same patented design concept. The cable works as a perfect signal carrier without the side effects of the traditionally designed cables, which display severe problems with frequency responce and phase shifting. Sword maintain the signal integrity with almost immeasurable deformation due to our freedom and ability to master the electro-physical layout, instead of compensating with mystery boxes and batteries. It is hard to beat the Sword series, regardless of price. Available in single-ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR) version.

What does it sound like?
The best description is nothing - Supra Sword does not sound at all. Supra Sword passes the complex music signal of an infinite number of sine waves and an infinite number of levels without causing any deformations between the source output to the receiver input. No part of the music suffer delay (phase shift), why the timing of each tone are exactly the same before and after. If every other hifi device in the system is capable of equally correct timing and preservation of the recordings' sound, the speaker setup and listening room acoustics is optimal, the result is such alive you can truly imagine being in the studio among the musicians.

Our best analogue interconnect ever; Supra’s flagship. Sword–IXLR is an interconnect pair with our best balanced connectors Supra Swift. This cable possess the self-confidence of matching any audio systems from mid-end level and up, in fierce competition irrespective of the competitive cable price tag.

Mechanical Specifications:
• Cross Area: 1.5 / 15 mm2/AWG
• Number of conductors: 2
• Wires / Cond: 6 + 6
• Wiredia: Enameled OFC
• Insulation: PE
• Screen Coverage: Aluminium / Pet Foil, 100%
• Jacket: PVC Crystal
• Ext. Size: 8 (mm)

Electrical performance:
• Resistance: 33 Ohm/km
• Phase Dislocation. 0.5-100kHz: 0.96 Deg.
• Phase Error: 0


SUPRA Sword I-XLR balanced stereo audio cable - 0,80 meter SUPSWDXSL: SUPRA Sword I-XLR balanced stereo audio cable - 0,80 meter
469,92 EUR 
SUPRA Sword I-XLR balanced stereo audio cable - 1,00 meter SUPSWDXSL1: SUPRA Sword I-XLR balanced stereo audio cable - 1,00 meter
490,06 EUR 
SUPRA Sword I-XLR balanced stereo audio cable - 1,50 meter SUPSWDXSL15: SUPRA Sword I-XLR balanced stereo audio cable - 1,50 meter
537,07 EUR 
SUPRA Sword I-XLR balanced stereo audio cable - 2,00 meter SUPSWDXSL2: SUPRA Sword I-XLR balanced stereo audio cable - 2,00 meter
590,79 EUR 
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E-mail: info@av-connection.com

Brand description - SUPRA

SUPRA SUPRA Cables produkt katalogSUPRA Cables is a recognized cable brand that is produced by Swedish Jenving Technology AB, which exclusively makes quality cables for Hi-Fi, home cinema, and the installation market. A large number of SUPRA products have won international awards for the high quality at the incredibly reasonable prices.

SUPRA Cables kabler


At Jenving their focus is quality without the price going up entirely in the higher heavenly layers. All cables are based on real engineering and not voodoo, from the selection of raw materials to the actual cable construction and thereby the final sound properties.
There is, therefore, a very reasonable price/quality ratio on SUPRA cables, compared to the many exotic high-end cables on the market. Whatever the variant/price range of a Supra cable you buy, you always get quality for the money or No-nonsense as Jenving calls it.
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Manuals and user guides for SUPRA products

When purchasing a SUPRA product, a user guide or instruction is usually provided in the following languages: English. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that a printed manual / user guide is included in the product box, but most often it can be found on the manufacturer´s website.
- If you cannot find the desired manual yourself, just contact us and we will do what we can to help.

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