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Large selection of wired or wireless Bluetooth headphones, both on-ear and around ear headphones. High sound quality with the latest Bluetooth technology.  SEE MORE
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Durable headphones for kids in many colour variations and with limitations in audio volume.  SEE MORE
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At AV-Connection, we primarily carry headphones from recognized brands. We offer everything from regular open and closed headphones, earphones, in-ears, earbuds, to noise-cancelling and wireless Bluetooth headphones with a microphone.

Our customer service and sales staff are passionate about good sound, and you will always find a wide range of products from different brands, and always in a quality that we can vouch for. Regardless of which headset or earphones you are looking for, we undoubtedly have something for you in our range. Read more about different types of headphones.

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Open headphones

This type of earphone has an open design and they are built in such a way that the back is holed (open) so that the sound is sent into the ear and then can "escape free" again. This brings more life to your music.

It changes the sound considerably, compared to closed headphones and gives a more spacious and natural sound, but you usually give up the deep bass.

This type of headphones is not as widespread as the other models in our range, and is typically aimed at listening to music. This is because you can hear what is happening around you, and conversely, people from outside can also hear what you are listening to. This also means that features such as noise reduction, also called ANC (active noise cancelling), are not possible.

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Closed earphones

A closed earphone is similar to the open ones, but here the back of the earphone is completely closed so that the sound cannot escape. It gives a more controlled and deep bass, plus your surroundings are closed off a lot and you don't get disturbances from outside.

It has an influence on the sound and you can experience that the same song sounds significantly different on two different headphones - just as we know it from normal speakers.

Both the open and the closed headphones are ideal if you want a sublime sound experience.

On ear or over ear headphones?

When we talk about closed headphones, there are also two different types, namely on ear headphones and over ear headphones. The difference can almost be heard in the name, where on-ear headphones sit on the ears themselves.

A pair of over-ear headphones can often provide better comfort, as these cover the entire ear. Both models are available both as wireless earphones and normal wired models, as well as with and without Active Noise Cancelling, also called active noise reduction (ANC).

Gaming headsets are often of the over-ear type, to close as much as possible sound out, and at the same time comes with a built-in microphone - both wireless or wired. Gaming headsets usually do not use bluetooth for their wireless technology, but instead the faster 2.4 Ghz band, which requires an adapter to work wirelessly to a computer or similar.

In ear headphones

As the name suggests, this type of headphones sit inside the ears. These are two smaller speaker units that can both be mounted on a cable or be wireless via bluetooth. These are covered by a kind of "plug" that is inserted into the ear canal. This plug is made of a soft and flexible material, so that your headphones adapt to your ears.

In-ear headphones are used in many different contexts, and are often completely wireless without wires, also called True Wireless.

There are also in-ear headphones that offer active noise reduction (ANC), such as Apple Airpods Pro, JBL and Marshall, which offer this function and are noise-reducing. eg. Apple Airpods Pro gives you good sound for all kinds of content and uses bluetooth to be wireless.

Earbuds Headphones

earbudsIf you don't want to use a pair of large headphones with cushions on them, and you also don't want in-ears, this model is the solution for you. This type has - like in-ears - smaller speakers, but here the speakers are not guided into the ear canal. Instead, they rest on the outer edge of the ear or are fixed with, for example, a small hoop. For example, the original Apple Airpods are of this type and still true wireless via bluetooth.

One of the advantages of in-ears and earbuds is that these types of headphones do not take up much space. They are easy to carry in your bag or in a pocket, where both open and closed headphones take up a little more space.

In the larger headphones, there are larger units to use, and this usually gives a better sound image. On the other hand, they have the size against them, which can be a big minus if you are on the move a lot.

Wireless earphones

As a rule, you connect your earphones to your device using a cable, whether we are talking smartphone, tablet or something else. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case, as in recent years it has become popular to produce wireless headphones that let you listen via Bluetooth.

This way you have ultimate freedom and do not need to have your playback device within reach . Speaking of in-ear wireless headphones, these are even available in True Wireless versions, where there are no cables, just a charging case. Of this type, Apple Airpods Pro can be mentioned, for example.

In our range, you can find lots of different wireless headphones. Regardless of whether you prefer open or closed headphones, on ear or over ear. Or you prefer in-ears or earbuds, you can get them in a wireless version.

Headphones for children

If you need headphones for your child, you can find them with us. Children's ears are particularly sensitive to sound, and therefore it is important that they do not listen to too loud music.

You can ensure this by buying special children's headphones. With headphones for children, it is simply not possible to exceed a sound level of 85 decibels, which can damage ears. The headphones for children also come in a special child-friendly design, both as wireless headphones and with a cord.

Headphones for exercise and sports

If you want to use your headphones when you exercise, you can find models that are particularly good for that purpose. It would typically make sense to choose a wireless version so that a cable never gets in the way of your movements - also called True Wireless headphones. regardless of how and how much you move. In addition, these are also most often bluetooth headphones and can withstand moisture, such as sweat and the like without being damaged.

Headphones or headsets?

Do you not only want to listen with your headphones, but also to communicate with the outside world? Then you need to get your hands on a headset. Headsets come in the same versions as regular headphones do. The only difference is that you can use a headset to talk in.

In a headset there is a built-in microphone, so you can, for example, talk on the phone or communicate via Microsfot Teams, Skype and Zoom. If you want to communicate and have your hands free at the same time, this is the headset you should go for.

There are also dedicated gaming headsets for you who want good sound for your computer or game console. A gaming headset can also be obtained wirelessly, like any other earphone and bluetooth headset.

Find the perfect headphones at AV-Connection

Regardless of whether you need to use your new headphones for music, gaming, audiobooks, communication or for something completely different, you can find models from JBL, Marshall, Bang & Olufsen Beoplay and Yamaha.
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