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Here, you will find a selection of remote controls, both universal remotes and original products from selected manufacturers as replacement for old remotes. SEE MORE icon

Remote control extender icon
Remote control extender
Universal Remote control icon
Universal Remote control
Apple remote control icon
Apple remote control
Bose remote control icon
Bose remote control
Cambridge Audio remote control icon
Cambridge Audio remote control
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Denon remote control
Elite Screens remote control icon
Elite Screens remote control
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Epson remote control
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Eversolo remote control
Grundig remote control icon
Grundig remote control
Hisense remote control icon
Hisense remote control
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Lenco remote control
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LG remote control
Marantz remote control icon
Marantz remote control
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OneForAll remote control
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Onkyo remote control
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Panasonic remote control
Philips remote control icon
Philips remote control
Pioneer remote control icon
Pioneer remote control
Pro-Ject remote control icon
Pro-Ject remote control
Ruark Audio remote control icon
Ruark Audio remote control
Samsung remote control icon
Samsung remote control
Sharp remote control icon
Sharp remote control
Sony remote control icon
Sony remote control
System Audio remote control icon
System Audio remote control
TCL remote control icon
TCL remote control
TEAC remote control icon
TEAC remote control
Tivoli Audio remote control icon
Tivoli Audio remote control
Triax remote control icon
Triax remote control
WiiM remote control icon
WiiM remote control
Yamaha remote control icon
Yamaha remote control

Remote control Yamaha remote control icon

Huge selection of both original remote controls, replacement and multi-remote controls for various electronic components, such as TV, DVD and Bluray players, amplifiers, digital box and much more.

If you cannot find a remote control that fits your particular device, please contact us and we can investigate whether we can get the exact model you are missing. The model number of the replacement remote, can often be found in the product manual, if your remote are lost or eaten by the dog.

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How does a remote control work?

A remote control is a device that comes with most normal electronics today, whether you buy a TV, amplifier, CD player or any other consumer electronics, this will most likely come with a remote control in the box - but what does it actually do?

Remote controls are designed with one purpose - namely to make it easier for you as a consumer to use your product. It could be that you are listening to music and want to turn up the volume or change songs (on CD for example). Instead of getting up from your chair to press directly on the device, you can instead take the remote control in your hand and manage everything from your chair. This makes it all much easier and more convenient.

Most remote controls use either an infrared light or Bluetooth to talk to the product they are controlling. Where a remote control with infrared technology must be physically pointed at the device you want to control, a remote control with Bluetooth can be used anywhere.

Cheap remote controls for lots of manufacturers

If you are looking for a new remote control for your TV, hi-fi system or something else entirely, we can very likely help you. We offer remote controls from a myriad of different and widespread manufacturers, such as Samsung, Philips, Panasonic, and Sony.

In our selection you can also find remote controls from other brands, both original models and universal models which often have a slightly lower price.

In many cases, we can look up which remote control is suitable for your particular TV, amplifier or other, so please contact us if you are in doubt about choosing a new remote control, so that you get the right one the first time. This applies regardless of whether you need a remote control for Samsung, Philips, Panasonic, Sony or something completely different.

Cheap universal remote control for your TV

If you want a cheaper solution instead of the original remote controls we offer in our selection, a cheaper universal remote control can be a good choice. We offer these from manufacturers such as OneForAll, which offers a sea of different remote controls for more or less all manufacturers on the market - all of them universal and often cheaper in price than the original ones can be bought for.

If you buy a universal remote control for your TV or other product, it may in some cases be necessary to code the remote control to get all the functions you had in the original remote control. This is a process you can find a guide for in the accompanying papers for the remote control you have purchased.

The universal remote controls often have the same, or a design that is very similar to the original ones. However, you may find that there are more buttons, or that the buttons may not sit next to the ones they did on the original - the functions will, however, in the vast majority of cases be exactly the same.
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