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Due to large sale and returns, purchase of wholesale stock lots and product lifecycle exchanges, we always have lots of quality products at low sale prices!

  • Campaign/limited offers are different stock lots at spot prices, specific brand campaigns, or introduction offers
  • Bundle deals are combined product bundles with great savings, due to the purchase of multiple products. Please feel free to contact us for individual requests.
  • Inventory and EOL sale, are either discontinued products (end-of-life), or just inventory clearance at extra low prices.
  • B-stock items are various products, e.g. products that has been opened and displayed/tested or demonstrated, or with damaged packaging, or simple customer returned products due to order cancellation. All products are of course tested/checked and approved before sold again.
  • Campaign offers
    Campaign offers
    Product bundles
    Product bundles
    Inventory- and EOL sale
    Inventory- and EOL sale
    Demo- and returned products
    Demo- and returned products

    REMARK: The offers can be limited, so please do not hessitate to buy it when you like it!

    Campaign- and intro offers

    Libratone Zipp 2 Bundle, stormy black
    Libratone Zipp 2 bundle wireless speaker
    From 401,34 EUR
    Libratone Zipp 2 Mini Bundle, frosty grey
    Libratone Zipp MINI 2 bundle wireless speaker
    From 334,43 EUR
    Pure Evoke D1, black
    Pure Evoke D1 DAB+ / FM radio
    From 70,79 EUR
    SACKit MOVEit X, Chrome
    SACKit MOVEit X Bluetooth speaker
    From 93,54 EUR
    BOSE Home Speaker 300 smart højttaler, duo
    BOSE Home Speaker 300
    From 240,75 EUR
    Neets Sound Bar - SB1 - Front
    Neets SB1-B Soundbar
    From 602,07 EUR
    Boise Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, sort
    BOSE Noise Cancelling headphones NCH 700
    From 360,66 EUR
    Sharp LC-70UI9362 70" UHD Smart- TV
    From 1.338,11 EUR
    Marshall Woburn II højtaler, all
    Marshall Woburn II speaker
    From 440,95 EUR
    Marshall Acton II højtaler, all
    Marshall Acton II speaker
    From 200,07 EUR
    Marshall Stanmore II højtaler, alle
    Marshall Stanmore II speaker
    From 306,46 EUR
    Marshall Minor II Bluetooth in-ear hovedtelefoner, alle
    Marshall Minor II wireless in-ear headphones
    From 91,67 EUR
    SACKit TOUCHit hovedtelefoner, silver
    SACKit TOUCHit Noice Cancelling headphones
    From 133,15 EUR
    Bose Home Speaker 500, black and silver
    BOSE Home Speaker 500
    From 367,88 EUR
    Marshall Major III Bluetooth, all
    Marshall Major III BT wireless on-ear headphones
    From 96,22 EUR
    Marshall Major III on-ear hovedtelefoner, sort
    Marshall Major III on-ear headphones
    From 60,09 EUR
    BeoPlay P6 bluetooth højttaler, lifestyle
    Beoplay P6 bluetooth speaker
    From 307,66 EUR
    Vogels THIN 546 vægophæng til OLED TV
    Vogels THIN 546 TV wallbracket for LG OLED
    From 267,51 EUR
    Dynaudio Focus 60XD, black highgloss
    Dynaudio Focus 60 XD floorstanding speaker
    From 8.029,31 EUR
    Dynaudio Focus 30XD, white satin
    Dynaudio Focus 30 XD floorstanding speaker
    From 6.021,95 EUR
    Dynaudio Focus 20XD, walnut highgloss
    Dynaudio Focus 20 XD shelfstanding speaker
    From 4.014,59 EUR
    System Audio Saxo 10 Subwoofer, sort
    System Audio Saxo Sub 10 subwoofer
    From 347,81 EUR
    System Audio Saxo 50, hvid satin
    System Audio Saxo 50 floor speaker pair
    From 668,99 EUR
    Dynaudio Music 7, family
    Dynaudio Music 7 - incl. wallbracket
    From 1.003,55 EUR
    Dynaudio Music 5, family
    Dynaudio Music 5
    From 695,75 EUR
    Dynaudio Music 3 family
    Dynaudio Music 3
    From 495,02 EUR
    Triax IFA 384
    Triax IFA 384 antenna amplifier, 4-way
    From 57,41 EUR
    Triax IFA 388
    Triax IFA 388 antenna amplifier, 8-way
    From 73,47 EUR
    Yamaha YAS-107 soundbar, black
    Yamaha YAS-107 Soundbar
    From 252,79 EUR
    Vogels THIN 525 vægbeslag
    Vogels THIN 525 TV wallbracket
    From 200,60 EUR
    Vogels THIN 545 TV ophæng
    Vogels THIN 545 TV wallbracket
    From 260,82 EUR
    Vogels THIN 445 TV ophæng, sort
    Vogels THIN 445 TV wallbracket
    From 200,60 EUR
    Vogels THIN 425 TV ophæng
    Vogels THIN 425 TV wallbracket
    From 160,46 EUR
    Bose Revolve Plus bluetooth hojttaler, sort
    BOSE SoundLink Revolve Plus mobile Speaker
    From 293,74 EUR
    Bose Revolve bluetooth hojttaler, graa
    BOSE SoundLink Revolve mobile Speaker
    From 200,07 EUR
    B&O Play H4, Black
    Beoplay H4 wireless headphones
    From 227,37 EUR
    Klipsch The One, valnød
    Klipsch The One wireless speaker
    From 267,51 EUR
    Klipsch The Three, ebony
    Klipsch The Three Wi-Fi speaker
    From 401,34 EUR
    Sack It MOVEit, dusty blue
    SACKit MOVEit Wi-Fi & Bluetooth speaker
    From 98,90 EUR
    Sack It MOVEit, dusty blue
    SACKit MOVEit Bluetooth speaker
    From 73,47 EUR
    Bose SoundLink Around-ear II hovedtelefoner, black
    BOSE SoundLink Around-Ear II Bluetooth head phones
    From 220,68 EUR
    Tivoli Audio PAL+ BT (new), High gloss blue / white
    Tivoli Audio PAL+ BT portable radio
    From 200,60 EUR
    Bose Quiet Comfort 25, black
    BOSE QuietComfort 25 Headphones for Android - SALE
    From 227,37 EUR
    JBL Horizon, lifestyle
    JBL Horizon clock radio
    From 113,62 EUR
    Bose Quiet Comfort 25, black
    BOSE QuietComfort 25i Head phones for Apple - SALE
    From 200,60 EUR
    Cablecon Self-Install kit
    From 8,69 EUR
    Tivoli Audio Model One BT, valnød/beige
    Tivoli Audio Model One BT table radio
    From 187,22 EUR
    Podspeakers MicroPod Bluetooth MKII, group
    Podspeakers MicroPod Bluetooth MKII active speaker
    From 80,16 EUR
    Bose QuietComfort 35II trådløse hovedtelefoner, all
    BOSE QuietComfort 35 II Noice Cancelling Head phones
    From 267,51 EUR
    Yamaha YAS-207 - Lifestyle
    Yamaha YAS-207 Soundbar with wireless sub
    From 292,94 EUR
    JBL Playlist, Collage
    JBL Playlist speaker
    From 93,54 EUR
    Yamaha WX-010, black
    Yamaha WX-010 wireless speaker
    From 120,31 EUR
    Rega Planar 1, black
    Rega Planar 1 pladespiller
    From 280,36 EUR
    Bülow Hylde, sort
    Bülow Stand Shelf
    From 40,01 EUR
    LDY3780x Gold Displayport
    Lindy Gold Displayport 1.2 cable
    From 46,70 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e UTP, solid core
    CAT 5e UTP network cable (Solid, CU) - Gray
    From 0,54 EUR
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