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At AV-Connection, we always ensure our customers safety and professional advice, whether it is help finding the right product in the webshop or installing a large AV project (only in Denmark).

AV-Connection is a professional company, driven by people with a keen interest in Hi-Fi and AV solutions, as well as solid technical insight. This ensures that we can always offer you the best advice and service, and you will get the solution that is right for you. We carry out custom installation jobs, whether sale of new Hi-Fi or Pro AV equipment, or servicing the existing AV installations.

AV-Connection team have many years of experience, everything from small bars- and store AV installations to larger projects. We always put the customer first when we need to advise you on the right solution.

AV-Connection was established all the way back in the year 2000, and ever since our goal has been to offer our customers:

  • Great selection - Huge selection of cables, antenna equipment, electronics and accessories!
  • Strong prices - We always have competitive prices and offer also Price Match on the vast majority of products and brands.
  • Fast Delivery- Daily shopping with highly trusted shipping companies.
  • Low shipping rates - Especially in northern Europe, but as good as possible world wide.
  • Serious service and customer service - We always try to help you with your specific needs, and have specialists ready to help in our customer service.
  • Fast and flexible return policy - We will always help you as best as we possibly can, no matter if it is mistake uppon purchases or product complaints.

AV-Connection offers customer installation for homes and businesses in Jutland and on Funen. Everything from TV configuration to pro AV solutions.

At AV-Connection, we perform assembly and installation tasks, whether related to the sale of new equipment or servicing of existing.

Among other things, we offer the following services:

  • complete installation of sound systems and interactive solutions for restaurants, cafés, sports halls, institutions and businesses
  • Installation of furniture, AV equipment, televisions and projectors
  • Installation and configuration of TV and Hi-Fi System
  • Installation and servicing of radio/TV equipment and indoor antenna installations (attic antennas, cable TV systems, etc.)
  • Complete installation of home theatre to your specifications.

We perform installations in most of Jutland and on Funen, based in Sønderborg and Odense SV., respectively, and we also have external antenna partners based in both Gråsten and Broager in South Jutland.

Simply contact us for additional information and help for your particular need.

Good service and fair prices with AV-Connection.

Our pricing is simple and fair, as we only charge a fixed hourly rate of DKK 598 incl. VAT for installation and regular setup, charged per half hour or part thereof. In addition, of course, there is the price of the goods being installed. For technical AV installation tasks, the hourly rate is DKK 898 incl. VAT.

Professional AV installation• We have no hidden fees or additional charges (service vehicle, environmental charges, invoicing fees or the like). This means that you only pay for the time we spend, although we count from the time we start the vehicle until we return. If there are other customers in the same area, driving time will be split, so you pay the lowest price possible. We also offer to take used packaging back with us, you also pay only for the time spent on disposal.

• For installations, we use exclusively quality products from, among others, Vogels, BOSE Professional, SONOS and Danish Triax, which we can vouch for the quality of. The best part is that YOU get them at our LOW online prices, and we therefore do not charge you higher prices for the products used in the installation!

• Want to do some of the work yourself to save money? Order most goods online in the web shop before our technician arrives, i.e. the items that you already know you need. That saves you both time and thus the price for us to do this. We are absolutely fine with that - no problem! Please always consult us before ordering.

• With AV-Connection, we perform a proper installation and thus do not compromise with poor materials or half measures. This, of course, is because we care about what we deliver and only want satisfied customers, who will recommend us to others.

Contact your local AV-Connection for quotes or to order your installation project.

AV-Connection Odense on telephone +45 3510 3030 or via email
AV-Connection Sønderborg on telephone +45 7442 1078 or via email

We look forward to serving you!

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