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Antenna amplifier icon

Wide selection of antenna amplifiers for both cable TV (e.g. YouSee and Norlys), and antenna installations with own antenna.

With a quality antenna amplifier, you can often avoid problems with poor signal due to weak or unevenly amplified TV antenna signal, usually experienced when you connect multiple TVs to an antenna or a cable TV installation.
2-vejs antenneforstærker, 15 dB
2-way antenna amplifier, 10 dB
15,99 EUR
Triax AFA 012 micro amp F-Connector Antenna amplifier
Triax Prof. Micro F-Connector fixed 12 dB gain for 5V-12V DC
15,99 EUR
2-vejs antenneforstærker - Top
2-way antenna amplifier, 25 dB with adjustable gain
22,71 EUR
4-vejs antenneforstærker - Top
4-way antenna amplifier, 20 dB with adjustable gain
From  18,68 EUR
8-vejs antenneforstærker - Top
8-way antenna amplifier, 15 dB, adjustable slope and gain
10,62 EUR
4-vejs antenneforstærker(DVB-C) - Top
4-way antenna amplifier, 23 dB with adjustable gain
46,91 EUR
Triax IFA 384
Triax IFA 384 antenna amplifier, 4-way
57,66 EUR
Triax IFA 388
Triax IFA 388 antenna amplifier, 8-way
65,72 EUR
Triax MFA 657 mast-forstærker LTE700
Triax MFA 657 outdoor LTE700 mast antenna amplifier, 20-35 d...
36,15 EUR
Triax MFA 671
Triax MFA 671 outdoor LTE700 mast antenna amplifier, 17 dB
40,19 EUR
Televes NanoKom 561621
Televes NanoKom outdoor LTE700 mast head amplifier UHF/DVB-T...
48,25 EUR
Televes NanoKom LTE700 Ref.561821
Televes NanoKom outdoor LTE700 mast head amplifier UHF/DVB-T...
46,91 EUR
Televes NanoKom LTE700 Ref.561721
Televes NanoKom outdoor LTE700 mast head amplifier 2x UHF/DV...
53,63 EUR
Triax IFP102
Triax IFP 102 LTE700 power inserter (230V to 12V DC)
26,75 EUR
Triax IFP 124
Triax IFP 124 power inserter (230V to 24V DC)
33,47 EUR
Triax IFP 224
Triax IFP 224 battery and 230V power inserter
36,15 EUR
Macab TVB-02
Macab TVB-02 CAT-line amplifier
188,03 EUR


Antenna cable and connectors icon ANTENNA CABLE AND CONNECTORS
Antenna adaptor icon ANTENNA ADAPTOR
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Antenna combiner and filter icon ANTENNA COMBINER AND FILTER
Antenna wall socket icon ANTENNA WALL SOCKET
Antenna isolator / damping icon ANTENNA ISOLATOR / DAMPING
Antenna power inserters icon ANTENNA POWER INSERTERS
Antenna mount icon ANTENNA MOUNT
DiSEqC switch icon DISEQC SWITCH
LNB head icon LNB HEAD
CA Module (CAM / CI+) icon CA MODULE (CAM / CI+)
Remote controls icon REMOTE CONTROLS

More info about Antenna amplifier

Amplifiers for cable TV (DVB-C) antenne installations

Antenna amplifiers for cable TV are usually characterised by being useable for a wider frequency range than amplifiers for normal antenna, as 4G/LTE frequencies (800 MHz band) do not need to be taken into account in the antenna signal. For the most future-proof installation, we therefore recommend that you choose an amplifier which can amplify up to the 1000 MHz range, as the Triax IFA 384 and 388 models can.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to choose a model with tilt/slope adjustment. This can compensate for a poor signal at one end of the frequency range, which is often the result of long cable routes, e.g. if you live at the end of a residential street or in the outer flat of a block of flats.

For an antenna amplifier for cable TV, it is often possible to loop the return path for Internet via cable TV, although only passive return paths are generally used in Denmark.

Avoid amplified mobile noise (LTE /4G / 5G) in antenna installations

An antenna amplifier for a regular house antenna is often a normal, simple line amplifier without a return path option and tilt/slope adjustment is often not necessary. However, it is no problem that they have it, but you can still choose to save a bit.
It is very important that the antenna installation is 4G/LTE protected, among others, from the antenna and down to the amplifier, preferably using a 4G-LTE stopfilter.

Remember that it is still important to terminere unused and open antenna outputs in the amplifier, as otherwise 4G/LTE noice risks entering the antenna system.

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