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LONG DISTANCE HDMI CABLE – Active- and optical HDMI cables (AOC)

Long distance HDMI cable icon

HDMI cables and Optical HDMI for long distances. F.x. for surveillance monitors or in installations where all electronic devices are placed far away from the monitor/projector.

HDMI cables for long distances must be of extremely good quality to work and provide a stable, high-quality image over the long distance, i.e. typically 10-15 metres.

For this purpose, we have the following main categories of solutions:
  • High-quality HDMI copper cable, simply made in an extra high quality, e.g. from Supra Cables.
  • An active HDMI cable with extension electronics built into the connectors. A value solution that works in most cases, but is directional.
  • Or cable sets which consist of either a box at each end connected to a standard fibreoptic cable (LC) or a hybrid cable with integrated electronics in the connectors. Note that these are usually directional, where the HDMI signal is converted to work over normal network cables. Note, however, that the cables must be routed as directly as possible, and not through a network switch. Similarly, as high quality a network cable as possible is recommended, i.e. CAT 6a or CAT7 cables, preferably.
Please note that routing an HDMI signal over long distances may be difficult, as the quality of components, cables and noise exposure are crucial factors. Therefore, we recommend contacting us for advice if you are unsure about the project and what cables to use.
Triax 370721 HDMI
Triax Standard Speed HDMI cable, 20 metre
Standard Speed HDMI cable from Triax that makes it great for the price. Durable, semi-flexible and can handle up to 1920x1080 - SEE MORE
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User rating:  4,97 / 5 (the average of 33 ratings) User rating:  4,97 / 5 (the average of 33 ratings) User rating:  4,97 / 5 (the average of 33 ratings) User rating:  4,97 / 5 (the average of 33 ratings) User rating:  4,97 / 5 (the average of 33 ratings)
Do you want an HDMI cable of the highest quality for the most demanding tasks? Then you should choose a Supra HDMI cable. Supports 8K@60 Hz with HDR up to 5m. - SEE MORE
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Optisk Hybrid HDMI kabel
Optical AOC Hybrid HDMI 2.0 cable
Affordable optical hybrid HDMI cable for very long pulls. This HDMI cable from Goobay supports 4K@60Hz, HDR and ARC. - SEE MORE
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Optisk AOC Hybrid HDMI 2.1 kabel
Optical AOC Hybrid HDMI 2.1 cable
Optical hybrid HDMI cable for the very long hauls. This HDMI 2.1 cable from Goobay supports 8K @ 60Hz, HDR10 and eARC. - SEE MORE
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Inakustik Profi Optisk HDMI kabel, Type D - A
Inakustik Profi HDMI-Micro 2.0 cable (HDMI A/D)
Fibre optic HDMI 2.0 cable with Micro HDMI connectors at each end so that the cable fits into a 20 mm empty tube. Can be converted to HDMI A with the adapters. - SEE MORE
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Inakustik Optisk HDMI 2.1 kabel
Inakustik Optical AOC HDMI 2.1 cable
Optical HDMI 2.1 cable for long distance and the ultimate image quality. Supports 8K@50/60 Hz to as much as 100 metres, as well as ARC up to 50 metres. - SEE MORE
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Lindy HDMI-Micro 2.0 cable (HDMI A/D, DVI-D) - HDMI-D connectors
Lindy HDMI-Micro 2.0 cable (HDMI A/D, DVI-D)
Lindys hybrid Micro-HDMI cables, with detachable connectors, are the professional solution to extend Micro-HDMI, HDMI & DVI signals over longer distances. - SEE MORE
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SUPRA optisk HDMI kabel
SUPRA Optical AOC HDMI 2.1 cable
True High-end AOC active HDMI 2.1 cable from Supra, with full support for 8K 7860x4320@60Hz 4:4:4 in cable lengths up to 100 metres. - SEE MORE
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Vivolink Fiber Extender - Bagside
Vivolink HDMI fiber-extender pair
True 4K uncompressed HDMI Extender up to 300m IR + RS-232 control. Extender using two single mode or OM3/OM4 multimode fiber cables 4K@60Hz up to 300 metres. - SEE MORE
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