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AV-advance Stereo MiniJack with USB trigger cable to B&O Powerlink


Stereo adaptercable 35cm for connecting B&O Beolab speakers with powerlink to equipment with 3,5mm minijack and usb trigger or usb powersupply.

User rating:  4,7 / 5 (the average of 23 ratings) User rating:  4,7 / 5 (the average of 23 ratings) User rating:  4,7 / 5 (the average of 23 ratings) User rating:  4,7 / 5 (the average of 23 ratings) User rating:  4,7 / 5 (the average of 23 ratings)
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Retailprice: 33,44 EUR
B & O compatibel adapter-cable based on audio kabel i good quality, mounted with goldplated stereo 3,5mm Minijack for analog audio as well as trigger cable, mounted with USB plug, the exploitation of USB "trigger" from example PC, MAC, USB-powersupply or other which can supply via USB. This cable has 8-pins DIN female-plug, that gives the opportunity to pass signals in existing or new Powerlink cables and are you using 2 Powerlink cables, you can split the signal with a PowerLink splitcable Pay attention to that your B & O Beolab will remain ON Untill USB power is disconnected . Just remember to set the little switch in your B & O speakers to either 'L' or 'R' depending if it is Left or Right speakers.

Be aware that your B&O sepakers will remain on untill the USB connetion is disconnected. If this adaptorcable is used with usb port on a tv, it is possible that this usb port is allways on. In some cases this can be regulated in the setup menu in the tv, so that the usb port turns on and off together with the tv.
You might experience some noise in the speakers when you use this with at tv. The cause might be noise comming from either headphone or usb output on the tv. We have primarily experienced this on Beolab 7.1/7.2/7.4., so for these we recommend full mounted MK2 powerlink cables
This might not solve the problem with noise in the speakers, and unfortunatly we do not have a solution for this issue.

Do you need 2x Phono instead of Minijack, you can convert with this adapter: Minijack phono adaptor . This should not be used into stereo phono output from a tv, because you typically can not adjust the volume when using this output .

This setup can be used with all B & O Beolab speakers with Powerlink, except Beolab 5 speakers.

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Average rating (4,7): of total 23 ratings

Virker præcist som lovet, trigger B&O højtalere , eller lign som i mit tilfælde, Piega mk II xl.


Finally a good cable to reuse my Beo soundbar! I´m very satisfied!


Great work! Thanks a lot!


This adaptor works very well to connect my vintage airport express 1st generation to power link beolab speakers via an attenuator to adapt the volume. The USB trigger is very nice, it switches on only after the airport connects, and I can now listen to my preferred music over airplay and the Beolab speaker pair


Det virker præcis som det skal. 👍

AV-advance MiniJack + USB Trigger to Powerlink, stereo adaptor (1x MiniJack, USB - 8 pin DIN female), 0.35 meter AV-TRUSBDIN8: AV-advance MiniJack + USB Trigger to Powerlink, stereo adaptor (1x MiniJack, USB - 8 pin DIN female), 0.35 meter (Retail price: 33,44 EUR)
26,73 EUR 

Brand description - AV-advance

AV-advance Since AV-Connection’s start in 2000, we have specialised in producing signal and speaker cables in accordance with customer demands for design, quality and length. We manufacture many cables as an alternative to those included with appliances that use a slightly special connection and are not available from the manufacturer in the desired quality or length. It started with PC-TV cables from S-Video and audio to SCART in different lengths, which were impossible to come by in the early TV-out days. A lot has happened since then, and we always stay updated on what is going on in the new connection types, which means that we always have the latest cable standards available.

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Unfortunately, as manufacturers do not make manuals or guides in all languages, we cannot guarantee that a local language manual is included for the item.
- If you are unsure about a manual available in the desired language, just contact us and we will do what we can to help.

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