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QED XT5 schuko power cable


Quality power cable from QED, with X-Tube technologydesigned to provide stable power for both hi-fi and home theater systems.

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• Uses the award-winning X-Tube technology for optimal power delivery.
• Delivers clean, stable power for maximum performance of audio equipment.
• Over 47 years of engineering expertise in hi-fi and home theater cables.
• Minimizes the 'proximity effect' for more even power distribution.
• Equipped with ferrite insulation to protect against RF noise.
• Extremely flexible and practical design, ideal for audiophile applications.

QED XT5 Power Cable:

represents the culmination of over 47 years of unrivaled engineering expertise in hi-fi and home theater cables. Utilizing the acclaimed X-Tube technology known from QED's award-winning speaker cable ranges, the XT5 offers a ground-breaking solution designed to deliver clean and stable power to audio equipment. This allows devices to perform to their maximum potential, free from disturbances caused by uneven power distribution or RF noise. The XT5's innovative design focuses on minimizing the degrading 'proximity effect' by regulating power flow more effectively, ensuring your equipment can perform as intended by its designers. With its ferrite-impregnated interior that absorbs high-frequency noise signals, and extremely flexible. XT5 sets new standards for performance in its price range.


• Conductor type: X-Tube
• Metallurgy: 99.999% oxygen-free copper
• Cross-sectional area: 1.5 mm sq
• Ferrite: 10% Zn/Mn
• Capacitance: 98 pF/m
• Inductance: 0.52 µH/m
• Loop resistance: 0.026 ohm/m
• Dielectric strength: 2 kV (alternating current for 15 minutes)
• Complies with: EN50525; EN60320; EN60884
• Nominal outside diameter: 11 mm
• Plug: EU - MK Schuko 516
• Plug: MK IEC C13 794
QED XT5 schuko power cable | 1 meter QE-XT5-4310: QED XT5 schuko power cable | 1 meter
160,67 EUR 
QED XT5 schuko power cable | 2 meter QE-XT5-4320: QED XT5 schuko power cable | 2 meter
182,11 EUR 
QED XT5 schuko power cable | 3 meter QE-XT5-4330: QED XT5 schuko power cable | 3 meter
214,27 EUR 

Brand description - QED

QEDQED is a British specialist in audio cables that has been designing and developing superior AV cables for nearly five decades. Since the launch of their groundbreaking QED 79-strand cable in 1976, which was the world's first "specialist" speaker cable, QED has been a pioneer in cable technology. This product clearly demonstrated how cables can have a noticeable impact on sound quality. Since then, the company has utilized extensive scientific research and computer-aided design to ensure that their products remain cutting-edge.

This rich heritage and constant pursuit of innovation are at the heart of QED's latest products. All cables deliver superior performance, without compromising their competitive price points. QED offers a wide range of high-quality products, from entry-level to high-end cables.

Manuals and user guides for QED products

Unfortunately, as manufacturers do not make manuals or guides in all languages, we cannot guarantee that a local language manual is included for the item.
- If you are unsure about a manual available in the desired language, just contact us and we will do what we can to help.

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