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SUPRA Excalibur Rhodium Digital RCA coaxial cable


High-end 75 Ohm digital cable from the Supra Excalibur series with rhodium RCA plugs and 100% silver-plated OFC conductors and extremely low capacitance.

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• Robust connectors - Noise immune and gold plated
• Shielded with efficient and strong semi-conductive nylon
• Low capacitance - bass pulse without flattening or slowing down
• Great for long distance with maintained signal integrity

Digital Excalibur RCA - Pure Silver Plated OFC, Pure Sound

Unleash the true potential of your audio system with our latest innovation, the Supra Digital Excalibur Series. Meticulously crafted for audiophiles and music enthusiasts, these high-quality digital audio cables redefine the standards of precision and performance. The Digital Excalibur SPDIF version boasts an exact 75 ohm impedance, featuring Rhodium plated RCA-plugs for seamless connectivity. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the construction of this cable. It is meticulously crafted with 100% silver plated wires, ensuring a pristine signal transfer for an unrivaled listening experience. The use of PE-foam insulation not only minimizes capacitance but also facilitates high-speed velocity transfer, preserving the integrity of your audio signal. Each cable is a masterpiece, hand-soldered by experienced personnel to guarantee precision and reliability. The connectors are coated with Rhodium for enhanced conductivity & durability. The result is a product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of true audio connoisseurs.

Precision engineering meets Swedish craftsmanship. The Supra Digital Excalibur Series is proudly made in Sweden, a testament to our commitment to quality and attention to detail. Immerse yourself in the exceptional sound that
only a product of this caliber can deliver. Elevate your audio journey with the Supra Digital Excalibur Series – where innovation meets sonic perfection. Immerse yourself in the nuances of your favorite music and experience sound like never before. Upgrade to excellence.


• Cable: SUPRA Digital Excalibur 75 Ohm
• Jacket: PVC GA74 Crystal, round
• Screen: Double screened, both braids in Silver plated OFC
• Colour/Size: Transparent Iceblue, 8.3mm
• Screen connection: Semi-balanced, the outer screen is only connected at the source end
• Connectors: SUPRA RCA-8SL Rhodium
- Type: 1 RCA male > 1 RCA male
- Material: Rhodium plated Copper aloy
- Colour: Silver/Rhodium
- Jack connection: Squeeze lock (SL)
• Solder tin: Almit SR34 Super
• S ignal direction: Follow the arrows > Source > Receiver
• Packing: Carton 20x20x4cm
• Special length are made upon order, add only additional cost per extra meter
SUPRA Digital RCA Excalibur Rhodium cable | 1 meter SUPEXRHRCA010: SUPRA Digital RCA Excalibur Rhodium cable | 1 meter
127,26 EUR 
SUPRA Digital RCA Excalibur Rhodium cable | 2 meter SUPEXRHRCA020: SUPRA Digital RCA Excalibur Rhodium cable | 2 meter
151,40 EUR 
SUPRA Digital RCA Excalibur Rhodium cable | 3 meter SUPEXRHRCA030: SUPRA Digital RCA Excalibur Rhodium cable | 3 meter
187,61 EUR 
SUPRA Digital RCA Excalibur Rhodium cable | 4 meter SUPEXRHRCA040: SUPRA Digital RCA Excalibur Rhodium cable | 4 meter
214,43 EUR 
SUPRA Digital RCA Excalibur Rhodium cable | 5 meter SUPEXRHRCA050: SUPRA Digital RCA Excalibur Rhodium cable | 5 meter
241,25 EUR 

Brand description - SUPRA

SUPRASUPRA Cables produkt katalogSUPRA Cables is a recognized cable brand that is produced by Swedish Jenving Technology AB, which exclusively makes quality cables for Hi-Fi, home cinema, and the installation market. A large number of SUPRA products have won international awards for the high quality at the incredibly reasonable prices.

SUPRA Cables kabler


At Jenving their focus is quality without the price going up entirely in the higher heavenly layers. All cables are based on real engineering and not voodoo, from the selection of raw materials to the actual cable construction and thereby the final sound properties.
There is, therefore, a very reasonable price/quality ratio on SUPRA cables, compared to the many exotic high-end cables on the market. Whatever the variant/price range of a Supra cable you buy, you always get quality for the money or No-nonsense as Jenving calls it.

Manuals and user guides for SUPRA products

When purchasing a SUPRA product, a user guide or instruction is usually provided in the following languages: English. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that a printed manual / user guide is included in the product box, but most often it can be found on the manufacturer´s website.

- If you cannot find the desired manual yourself, just contact us and we will do what we can to help.

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