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Inakustik AC-3502 Power cleaner

Inakustik AC3502 strømrenser, sort Inakustik AC3502 strømrenser, sort Inakustik AC3502 strømrenser, sort Inakustik AC3502 strømrenser, sort

Pure power gives a cleaner sound reproduction. Inakustik AC-3502 effectively filters out interference from the supplied power to a total of 6 connected devices

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Where does fine sound begin? Where does it end? Audio enthusiasts have kept asking those questions for ages. As a matter of fact, physical conditions have a considerable impact on the sound quality produced by audio systems. In this, power supply is one of the key factors. In principle, we listen to domestic current modulated by a music signal. This useful signal mixes with modulations or interference from other consumers at your home or even your neighborhood all the time – and this is where sound degradation starts. Especially digital quipment, switched-mode power supplies, car charging stations and photovoltaic systems causes heavy distortion in the power system, and their number is still rising. This distortion poses serious problems for your hi-fi components, overlaying your sound like patches of acoustic mist. As the number of hi-fi aficionados running their own power plants is obviously quite low, most devices will almost certainly be fed from a grid under heavy load. So to most of us, this means that sound begins at the power outlet or maybe the fuse box – everything upstream is beyond our control.

Therefore, we are bound to filter out interference from the supplied power; traditional filters, however, are notorious dynamics “guzzlers”, which is particularly true for serial circuits: inductors inserted into the feed line definitely increase the transition resistance and hamper dynamic pulse currents. The Referenz AC-3502 pursues a different approach: it implements a highly efficient parallel filter perfectly attuned to the audiophile’s needs. The filter leads off all interference from both the power system and the connected devices themselves without restricting the supply. Add to this the dampened sub chassis that reduces mechanical vibrations of the filter components caused by the 50-Hz grid frequency. In addition, the star-shaped distribution topology ensures uniform supply of all connected units. This way, the Referenz Power Station AC-3502 becomes a key factor to a fine yet powerful sound. The technical design is housed in a stout metal enclosure with a front panel of black anodized brushed aluminum. Six high-quality power sockets are available at the rear panel. The centrally placed high-current power inlet (IEC C20) allows for easy replacement of the supply cable – for example, with a longer one. The built-in surge suppressor protects your precious devices from voltage peaks, and you can conveniently switch all power sockets on and off using the power key on the front panel. An LED light shows the current operational status: f the LED lights up red, the sockets are switched off. If the LED lights up blue, the sockets are switched on.

• 100% made in-house in Germany at in-akustik
• High effective filters
• Balanced power distribution
• High-quality sockets
• High-current power inlet (IEC C20)
• Metal enclosure
• Brushed-aluminum front panel
• All-pole disconnection
• Surge protection
• Outputs: 6 x Schuko
• Protection class I
• Operating Voltage: 230VAC / 50-60Hz
• Maximum Operating Current: 16 Ampere (Summary)
• Maximum Power Load: 3680 Watt (230VAC / 16 Ampere)
• Dimensions (W × D × H): approx. 450 mm × 386 mm × 122 mm
• Weight: approx. 10 kg

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Inakustik AC-3502 Power cleaner, alu black IA-AC3502-B: Inakustik AC-3502 Power cleaner, alu black
1.499,33 EUR 

Brand description - Inakustik

InakustikInakustik is a German manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in high-end cables and accessories - at very reasonable prices. What started as a three-man company has grown into a company with more than 50 employees, all of whom share a great passion for pure sound and video. in-akustik has many patents for special cable construction methods, such as concentric copper structure, which raises the speaker cables above the competition in the same price range.

At AV-Connection, we are proud to be able to present In-acoustics as a cable brand in our range, where we believe it can be a good supplement to, among other things. our popular Supra speaker cables and comparable in quality with AudioQuest, Chord, NordOst and other High-end cable brands.

With the new speaker cables, among others, from in-akustik’s Referentz series, we have completely new possibilities for special termination of speaker cables for any purpose, and at a very advantageous price compared with factory ready-made cables and many other cable brands on the market.

Read more about the story of In-akustik here.

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- If you are unsure about a manual available in the desired language, just contact us and we will do what we can to help.

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