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Inakustik AC-1502-P6 distributionbox with 6 sockets

Inakustik AC-1502-P6 power bar Inakustik AC-1502-P6 power bar Inakustik AC-1502-P6 power bar

High quality 6-pin power rail from Inakustik that removes unwanted interference for maximum dynamics, even under extreme loads.

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• 6 AC power sockets
• 3 x 1.5 mm² cable, mylar foil shielded
• Foil shielding and additional shielding wire
• In-Plug Filter in the AC plug; 2Y-Filter in the power bar
• Power bar (8 mm²) for even power distribution
• Fully shielded metal housing

The Reference power bars filter unwanted interference out of the power supply, without introducing additional source impedance. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and excellent workmanship, they provide maximum dynamics, even for extreme loads. Their full shielding and special filters prevent radio frequencies from being received. Solid power bars in the power strips distribute the power homogeneously to all outlets.
Inakustik AC-1502-P6 distributionbox with 6 sockets, 1.50 meter IA-AC1502P615: Inakustik AC-1502-P6 distributionbox with 6 sockets, 1.50 meter
349,05 EUR 
Inakustik AC-1502-P6 distributionbox with 6 sockets, 3.00 meter IA-AC1502P630: Inakustik AC-1502-P6 distributionbox with 6 sockets, 3.00 meter
402,77 EUR 

Brand description - Inakustik

Inakustik Inakustik is a German manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in high-end cables and accessories - at very reasonable prices. What started as a three-man company has grown into a company with more than 50 employees, all of whom share a great passion for pure sound and video. in-akustik has many patents for special cable construction methods, such as concentric copper structure, which raises the speaker cables above the competition in the same price range.

At AV-Connection, we are proud to be able to present In-acoustics as a cable brand in our range, where we believe it can be a good supplement to, among other things. our popular Supra speaker cables and comparable in quality with AudioQuest, Chord, NordOst and other High-end cable brands.

With the new speaker cables, among others, from in-akustik’s Referentz series, we have completely new possibilities for special termination of speaker cables for any purpose, and at a very advantageous price compared with factory ready-made cables and many other cable brands on the market.

Read more about the story of In-akustik here.

Manuals and user guides for Inakustik products

Unfortunately, as manufacturers do not make manuals or guides in all languages, we cannot guarantee that a local language manual is included for the item.
- If you are unsure about a manual available in the desired language, just contact us and we will do what we can to help.

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