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Brand description - Clicktronic

Clicktronic One of the great advantages of ClickTronic is the huge selection of cables and adapters, which ranges from the completely regular HDMI cables to special video cables, and all cables are available in many lengths. ClickTronic cables are on par with other quality products such as Profigold, Bandridge, TechLink, Ohlbach and many other cable brands. With AV-Connection, we also guarantee the quality, as after years of having ClickTronic in the mix, we can only conclude that the error rate on these cables is extremely low, even in case of high wear
ClickTronic kabler, HDMI kabel, Digital kabel, højttalerkabel og stikClickTronic cables are a complete range of newly developed quality cables in 2 different price segments. Common to both cable types are great design, gorgeous metal connectors, relatively thin cables and practical packaging.

The Casual series

is the good, durable cable with conductors of 99.99% pure OFC copper and double shielding. The connectors are quality PVC/ABS plastic connector with 24-carat gold-plated contacts.
Price Match
PRICEMATCH on Clicktronic

Manuals and user guides for Clicktronic products

When purchasing a Clicktronic product, a user guide or instruction is usually provided in the following languages: English. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that a printed manual / user guide is included in the product box, but most often it can be found on the manufacturer´s website.
- If you cannot find the desired manual yourself, just contact us and we will do what we can to help.

Clicktronic Casual series antenna coax IEC
Clicktronic antenna cable
From 5,24 EUR
Clicktronic bananna plugs
Clicktronic Bananna plug set
From 22,71 EUR
Clicktronic USB-C kabel
Clicktronic Casual SuperSpeed USB cable (USB C – C male)
From 24,06 EUR
Clicktronic USB 3.0 kabel, Type A til Type C
Clicktronic Casual USB 3.2 Gen 1 cable (USB C – A male)
From 20,03 EUR
Clicktronic Casual series Displayport
Clicktronic DisplayPort cable (2K / 4K@30Hz)
From 15,99 EUR
Clicktronic Casual DisplayPort cable 1.4
Clicktronic DisplayPort cable (8K@60Hz)
From 25,40 EUR
Clicktronic Casual Displayport to DVI cable
Clicktronic Displayport to DVI cable
From 13,31 EUR
Clicktronic Clicktronid Casual Displayport to HDMI A
Clicktronic Displayport to HDMI cable (1920 x 1200p)
From 26,75 EUR
Clicktronic Casual Dual Link DVI-D
Clicktronic Dual-Link DVI-D Cable
From 24,06 EUR
Clicktronic Casual series DVI - HDMI A
Clicktronic DVI - HDMI cable
From 20,03 EUR
Clicktronic Casual series HDMI AA
Clicktronic HDMI cable
From 13,31 EUR
Clicktronic Casual HDMI Flexadapter
Clicktronic HDMI flex adapter (HDMI Type A male -female)
From 15,99 EUR
Clicktronic Casual series HDMI DA
Clicktronic High-speed HDMI to Micro HDMI cable with Etherne...
From 25,40 EUR
Clicktronic Casual Mini Displayport to Displayport
Clicktronic Mini Displayport to Displayport cable
From 13,31 EUR
Clicktronic Casual Mini Displayport to HDMI cable
Clicktronic Mini Displayport to HDMI cable
From 17,34 EUR
Clicktronic Casual series HDMI CA
Clicktronic Mini HDMI to HDMI cable (HDMI type A to C)
From 15,99 EUR
Clicktronic Casual USB mini
Clicktronic Mini USB 2.0 cable (USB A – Mini B/5p)
From 13,31 EUR
Clicktronic Casual series mono audio
Clicktronic mono/subwoofer audio cable
From 13,31 EUR
Clicktronic spade plugs
Clicktronic Spade connector set (4 pc. pack)
From 22,71 EUR
Clicktronic Casual series 3.5 mm. Jack - RCA adaptor
Clicktronic stereo 3.5 mm. Jack to Phono RCA adapter cable
From 10,62 EUR
Clicktronic Casual series 3.5 mm. Jack
Clicktronic stereo 3.5 mm. MiniJack AUX audio cable
From 11,96 EUR
Clicktronic Casual series Stereo RCA
Clicktronic stereo Phono RCA cable
From 21,37 EUR
Clicktronic Casual series 3.5 mm. Jack - RCA
Clicktronic stereo RCA - 3.5 mm. MiniJack audio cable
From 15,99 EUR
Clicktronic Casual USB 3.0 Type A-B
Clicktronic SuperSpeed USB 3.2 Gen 1 cable (USB A – B)
From 20,03 EUR
Clicktronic Casual series S-video
Clicktronic S-Video cable
From 26,75 EUR
Clicktronic Casual series optical Toslink
Clicktronic Toslink audio cable
From 13,31 EUR
Clicktronic Casual Ultra High Speed HDMI kabel 8K/60Hz
Clicktronic Ultra High Speed HDMI cable
From 22,71 EUR
Clicktronic Casual Ultra Slim HDMI AA
Clicktronic Ultra Slim HDMI cable
From 15,99 EUR
Clicktronic Casual USB extension 2.0 Type A-A
Clicktronic USB 3.2 Gen 1 extension cable
From 17,34 EUR
Clicktronic Casual USB 2.0 Type A-B
Clicktronic USB Audio 2.0 cable (USB A – B)
From 15,99 EUR
Clicktronic Casual Monitor kabel
Clicktronic VGA monitor cable
From 30,78 EUR
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