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Lenco TTA-12IN1PRO Turntable care set

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Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 fire små vaterpas Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 stort vaterpas
Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 Pickup Azimuth og VTA vinkelmåler Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 lifestyle Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 antistatisk pladebørste Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 nåletryksvægt
Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 pickup vinkelmåler Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 pincet Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 lifestyle
Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 45 RPM Adapter Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 Pickup skruer Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 skruetrækker Lenco Pladespillerplejesæt 12 i 1 fire monteringsledninger pickup

Professional 12-in-1 set with turntable accessories, alignment and LP cleaning kit.

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Strive for perfection with this ultimate turntable and vinyl maintenance kit. This 12-in-1 set is part of Lenco's Expertise. The accessory set contains six essential applications that form the core of an optimized vinyl experience. The set is suitable for caring for your records and turntable needle, adjusting and replacing the pickup, adjusting the needle pressure and adjusting the turntable level.

Antistatic plate brush:

By gently sweeping across the surface of the plate, the plate brush removes dust, dirt and other particles lodged in the grooves of your plates. This results in less background noise and clearer sound. Thanks to the antistatic properties of the plate brush, the brush also eliminates static charges, which reduces dust attraction even after cleaning.

Stylus force meter:

With the stylus force meter, an indispensable tool for the serious turntable enthusiast, you measure precisely the pressure with which the stylus rests on the record. Too low needle pressure can lead to inaccurate tracking, while too much needle pressure can damage the plate and needle, reducing sound quality. By precisely setting the needle pressure, you optimize the sound quality and extend the life of both the needle and the record. The ideal needle pressure varies by pickup.

Pickup Azimuth and VTA Protractor:

This instrument helps adjust two crucial aspects of a turntable: pickup alignment (Azimuth) and the vertical stylus pressure angle (VTA). Perfect adjustment of these aspects ensures optimal sound quality and minimal wear.

Pickup alignment protractor:

A turntable protractor is used to properly align the needle and element of the turntable. Precise calibration of your turntable is essential for the best possible tracking and sound reproduction. Our protractor helps you achieve the optimal settings for a phenomenal listening experience.

Four small spirit levels:

With the four small spirit levels it is easy to check whether the individual parts of the record player are correctly mounted in relation to each other. They can be used individually to check the correct position of the tone arm in relation to the turntable plate. For the passionate turntable enthusiast, these four small levels are a valuable addition to a perfectly balanced listening environment.

Pickup/Stylus installation tweezers for headshell:

This precision instrument provides the necessary accuracy when installing the pickup and stylus on the headshell of the turntable.

Four Pickup Mounting Wires:

If you want to replace an old pickup with a new one, the four mounting wires play a critical role in attaching and grounding the pickup to the headshell at the end of the turntable's tone arm. The wires can be installed using the installation pliers. The wiring diagram can be found in the TTA-12IN1PRO manual.

Pickup screws:

A total of 12 screws can be found in the luxurious case: 4 of 12 mm, 4 of 10 mm and 4 of 8 mm. This automatically means that there are also 12 round bolts in the set. The screws and bolts must be used in fixing the paickup.


What do you do with screws less than or equal to 12 mm without a screwdriver? Nothing. Therefore, the kit also includes a screwdriver, probably smaller than the smallest screwdriver in your toolbox. Sound quality requires precision.

Stylus brush:

A clean stylus is essential to the life of both the stylus and your vinyl records. With our stylus brush, made of carbon fiber, you have the possibility to gently remove physical dirt from the needle. This reduces wear and maintains a clear sound.

Large spirit level:

The large spirit level can be used to check the correct, flat position of the turntable. The large spirit level serves only one decisive purpose: to ensure a perfectly horizontal level. Precise leveling of the turntable is essential to minimize unwanted vibrations and ensure that the needle moves effortlessly and accurately through the grooves of the record.

45 RPM Adapter:

A 45 RPM adapter is used to play singles with a diameter of 7 inches and a larger hole in the middle (45 RPM records). Most turntables have a smaller diameter spindle, the fulcrum over which the record slides. The 45 RPM adapter fits this spindle, which reduces the gap in the single so it can be played stably and correctly.


Lenco TTA-12IN1PRO Turntable care set LNCO-TTA-12IN1PRO: Lenco TTA-12IN1PRO Turntable care set
100,37 EUR 

Brand description - Lenco

LencoLenco can trace its roots back to 1946 in Switzerland and is today part of Commaxx Group in the Netherlands. In particular, Lenco has been known for its turntables, which were made in heavy, sturdy materials and which could be purchased at an affordable price.

The principles of the turntables draw experiences from their other products; Thus, it is Lenco's vision to produce products for consumers that are used for everyday use and which stand the test of time. The range consists of a wide range of Hi-Fi products and consumer electronics.

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