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Pro-Ject Vinyl NRS Box S3 noise reduction system

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Economical way to reduce noise from older records, insert between RIAA and amplifier, where it removes crackling noise from your system in the digital domaine

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Bring Your Vinyls Back To Life

The problem with old vinyls
Everyone has their favourite old vinyl record which has gotten damaged over time, is really noisy and probably not available to buy new anymore either. Many tracks are also not uploaded to streaming platforms, so the only way to listen to them is via your old vinyl records. For sure, the slight noise and clicks are part of the vinyl experience, but at some point, at excessive levels, it is not fun anymore and your favourite record might just stay in your shelf for the remainder of its long life. We know these problems and want to bring those records back on your turntable. The solution is now here, and it is called Vinyl NRS Box S3.

How does it work?
Connect the output of your phono preamplifier to the Vinyl NRS Box S3. First, the line signal gets digitized with a bit depth of 24-bits and a sampling rate of 96 kHz. If the input is too loud, the overflow LED will show it to you. You can then activate the -6 dB switch and the gain is fine now. The real magic happens in the digital domain.

The signal gets filtered to not interfere with the processing itself. High frequency components are used as a marker for crackles. The dedicated algorithm can now detect these peaks. You can easily
adjust the sensitivity with the potentiometer on the front. The LED gives you instant feedback on the process. Crackling parts can be reduced by up to 8 dB which is a big improvement for the listening experience. If you don‘t want to use the De-Crackling function, just turn the potentiometer completely to the left and the algorithm is in bypass.

Vinyl Noise Reduction System (VNRS)
The signal is first separated into two frequency bands and then fed into two expanders, which increase the signal-to-noise ratio. There are no noise modulations audible using this technique! We are able to reduce the noise by up to 8 dB.

Connection & Setup
The Vinyl NRS Box S3 is connected between the phono preamp and your preamp or integrated amplifier. If you turn it on, the Vinyl NRS Box S3 is active immediately. If you don‘t want it in your signal path, just turn it off and the device is bypassed and the inputs are galvanicaly connected to the outputs. There are two De-Crackling intensity algorithms available: the basic one processes the signal very lightly; the advanced is stronger with more heavy processing. Always try the basic setting first & adjust the intensity with the potentiometer. By pressing the „Intensity“ button you can engage the advanced mode if wanted and/or necessary. The LED shows you if clicks & crackles are reduced. If you‘re happy with the De-Crackling setting, but you can still hear a lot of noise, you can now activate the Vinyl Noise Reduction feature by pressing the VNRS button. There is only one preset for the Vinyl Noise Reduction feature and it cannot be customized in the same way the De-Crackling can be adjusted.

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Pro-Ject Vinyl NRS Box S3 noise reduction system for older vinyl records, black PJT-VINYLNRSBOXS3-B: Pro-Ject Vinyl NRS Box S3 noise reduction system for older vinyl records, black
347,99 EUR 
Pro-Ject Vinyl NRS Box S3 noise reduction system for older vinyl records, silver PJT-VINYLNRSBOXS3-S: Pro-Ject Vinyl NRS Box S3 noise reduction system for older vinyl records, silver
347,99 EUR 

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