ifi Audio iPower X DC netadaptor (5V/9V/12V/15V)
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ifi Audio iPower X DC netadaptor (5V/9V/12V/15V)

ifi Audio  
ifi Audio iPower X DC netadapter ifi Audio iPower X DC netadapter ifi Audio iPower X DC netadapter

Improved iPower DC adapter with ANC technologi. Comes in a 5V,9V, 12V and 15V version.

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Silence. Personified.
The original iFi iPower provides an effective, clean power solution for noise in your system.

But why not push your power upgrade to the max with the all-new iFi iPower X?

Our new ultra-low noise AC/DC power supply has be optimised to take to take advantage of new knowledge, components and tech in the world of super high-frequency power supply design.

Active cancellation
The iPower X uses Active Noise Cancellation2 to cancel all incoming EMI or RFI noise.

This is the same tech as in active noise-cancelling headphones! Imagine how well these block out cabin noise on a plane compared to regular headphones?

This is what the iPower X does to your power supply.

Improved capacitance
As usual with iFi, every new design means not only improving how it looks on the outside but more importantly, how it functions on the inside.

The input capacitance is now 50% larger and the output capacitance is 150% larger when compared to the original iPower.

In practical terms, this gives you more filtration, improved dynamics and unsurpassed sound quality.

Crème de la crème components
We're using the latest solid organic capacitors for better suppression of high-frequency noise. And the leakage capacitance is <20x than your normal SMPS!

In a nutshell, there is no escape for unwanted noise!

All in all, the iPower X will give you 20% more power than the original iFi iPower and increased amperage which means it can work with more equipment than ever before.

Sleek, modern design
The iPower X comes dressed in a new cream/beige chassis for a cool, clean look.

We've added several openings and the iFi logo backlit by a pleasant cyan LED light. There's no second guessing when this mini work of art is on and connected to the mains.

And as always, we're giving you freedom. The iPower X is interchangeable with wall pin types across the world (UK/US/EU/AU purchased separately).

And one more thing…
Musician? Loving your effect pedals but not so much one when goes down in the middle of a gig? And your spare is nowhere to be found?

Our iFi iPower X has a centre negative adapter so you can use this correctly with your gear.

Cleaner sound AND the show goes on! What's not to like

Tech Specs:
• Input 100-240VAC (50-60Hz/1.5A)
• (UK/US/EU/AU interchangeable pins. Sold separately)
• Output 5V/3.0A, 9V/2.5A, 12V/2.0A, 15V/1.5A
• Output plug 3.5x1.35mm; 4.0x1.7mm; 4.8x1.7mm;
5.5x2.1 mm; 5.5x2.5mm Reverse Polarity Plug (White)
• Noise floor ~1uV
• Dimensions 95 (L) 5O (W) 43 (H) mm
• Weight 195g (0.43 lbs)
ifi Audio iPower X DC netadaptor, 12V/2A IFI-IPOWERX-12V: ifi Audio iPower X DC netadaptor, 12V/2A
133,43 EUR 
ifi Audio iPower X DC netadaptor, 15V/1.5A IFI-IPOWERX-15V: ifi Audio iPower X DC netadaptor, 15V/1.5A
133,43 EUR 
ifi Audio iPower X DC netadaptor, 5V/3A IFI-IPOWERX-5V: ifi Audio iPower X DC netadaptor, 5V/3A
133,43 EUR 
ifi Audio iPower X DC netadaptor, 9V/2.5A IFI-IPOWERX-9V: ifi Audio iPower X DC netadaptor, 9V/2.5A
133,43 EUR 

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ifi Audio
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