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NeoMesteren Neo 7 for BV7 Stand

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NeoMesteren Neo 7 NeoMesteren Neo 7 NeoMesteren Neo 7 NeoMesteren Neo 7
NeoMesteren Neo 7

Put a new TV on the Beovision 7 stand and operate TV, sound & swivel stand from Beo4 or Beoremote One. Supports LG, Samsung, Sony, Loewe, Philips and Panasonic

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With Neo 7 you can connect a newer TV from LG, Sony, Samsung, Philips, Loewe or Panasonic your active B&O Beolab speakers and the cable from your Beovision 7 stand (either floor, wall or table) to Neo 7 and get the option to rotate the stand, tilt the TV and operate all of it with your Beo4 or Beoremote One remote control (tilt function will in some cases have to be switched off if a TV is mounted where the height center of gravity is not in the center of the TV).

Mount the Neo 7 on a suitable VESA adapter plate (not included) so that the remote control signals have absolutely unhindered access to the Neo 7 as well as the TV's own IR receiver, no cables or anything else must prevent this, as Neo 7 converts information from the B&O remote control into an IR signal that works with your TV - The following setup of the product must be carried out before use (see manual):

• Preparation of the B&O remote control
• Neo 7 must be adapted to the connected TV
• TV must be set up so that sound only comes out of the digital output
• Setting the sound level for the B&O speakers
• Setting up the Beovision 7 stand positions

Neo 7 receives the sound from your TV via a digital optical toslink cable (not included)
The sound is sent through the Neo7 to the B&O speaker via Powerlink of the type RJ45 to Powerlink or via PowerLink Y adapter and associated Powerlink cable (not included) according to your setup - Feel free to contact us for advice and guidance regarding cables for your setup.

The TV must be set up to only send the sound out of the optical toslink output and often TVs have the option to send the sound both to Toslink and the TV's own speaker or only to Toslink (or HDMI). Here we recommend that the sound is ONLY sent to the digital optical Toslink output, so that the sound is only regulated via your B&O remote control. It is important that the digital audio output is set to PCM - otherwise the sound will not work with Neo 7.

The Neo 7 in the R2 version now also supports Beolab 4500/5000, Beolab Penta, and Beolab 5, which the R1 version did not!

Please note that Neo 7 turns on when the TV turns on and turns off when the TV turns off. This is controlled by the optical cable. It is therefore important that the optical signal is present. Check it by seeing if there is a red light at the end of the cable, then the optical signal is present and it is set up correctly.Neo TV setup
NeoMesteren BM 7 (R2) Adapter NM-NEO7: NeoMesteren BM 7 (R2) Adapter
334,58 EUR 

Brand description - NeoMesteren

NeoMesteren NeoMesteren is a young entrepreneurial company founded in 2020 by Rudi Pedersen in Herning Denmark with the aim of developing, producing and selling special solutions for equipment from B&O. Neo is the Greek-Latin name for new, and renewal is exactly the vision of the company – to give older B&O speakers a renewed life together with e.g. modern TV screens.
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- If you are unsure about a manual available in the desired language, just contact us and we will do what we can to help.

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