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TABLETOP RADIO TUNER – FM, DAB+ and internet radio receiver

Large selection of tabletop radios with FM, DAB+ and/or internet radio reception. Also known as a traditional transistor radio, and is a radio tuner with with a built-in speaker. SEE MORE icon

Pure Elan One2
Pure Elan One2 Portable FM/DAB+ Radio with Bluetoo...
Prices from 47 EUR
Panasonic RF-D30BT sort
Panasonic RF-D30BTEG DAB+ and FM Radio
Prices from 114 EUR
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Lenco DIR-70 Internetradio with Bluetooth - Front
Lenco DIR-70 Internetradio with Bluetooth
Prices from 54 EUR
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SONOS Era 100 speaker, white
SONOS Era 100 speaker
Prices from 240 EUR
Rating star Rating star Rating star Rating star Rating star
Panasonic RF-D10EG-K
Panasonic RF-D10EG DAB+ FM Radio
Prices from 94 EUR
JBL Tuner 2  portable speaker, black
JBL Tuner 2 portable radio with Bluetooth
Prices from 91 EUR
Rating star Rating star Rating star Rating star Rating star
Ruark Audio
Ruark Audio R1 MK4 FM/DAB+ table top radio with Bluetooth - Espresso
Ruark Audio R1 MK4 FM/DAB+ table top radio with Bl...
Prices from 335 EUR
Rating star Rating star Rating star Rating star Rating star
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SONOS Era 300 speaker, white
SONOS Era 300 speaker
Prices from 495 EUR
Panasonic SC-DM502E-K
Panasonic SC-DM502E micro stereo system
Prices from 309 EUR
SONOS Five højtaler, sort
SONOS Five loudspeaker
Prices from 590 EUR
Rating star Rating star Rating star Rating star Rating star
Pure FM/DAB+ Radio med CD afspiller valnød/sort
Pure Classic C-D6 FM/DAB+/ BT Radio with CD player
Prices from 235 EUR
Pure Classic H4 FM/DAB+ Radio med Bluetooth sort/valnød front
Pure Classic H4 FM/DAB+ Radio with Bluetooth
Prices from 121 EUR
Pure Evoke Play, Coffe Black
Pure Evoke Play music system / radio
Prices from 267 EUR
Pure Evoke Spot, Coffee Black
Pure Evoke Spot music system / radio
Prices from 187 EUR
Pure Evoke Home, Cotton White
Pure Evoke Home all-in-one music system
Prices from 437 EUR
Technics SC-C70 MKII stereo system, silver
Technics SC-C70 MK2 all-in-one music system
Prices from 936 EUR
Ruark Audio
Ruark Audio R2 MK4, Espresso
Ruark Audio R2 MK4 Smart Musik System
Prices from 589 EUR
Ruark Audio
Ruark Audio R3S
Ruark Audio R3S compact music system
Prices from 844 EUR
Ruark Audio
Ruark Audio R410
Ruark Audio R410 integrated music system
Prices from 1.541 EUR

Tabletop radio tuner Tabletop radio tuner icon

Discover the world of music with our selection of table radios, for the kitchen, office whereever you like to listen to musik. Whether you prefer traditional FM stations, crystal-clear DAB channels, or endless options with internet radio, we have the perfect match for your home. Our radios combine timeless design with modern technology, ensuring your daily dose of tunes, news, and entertainment.

Many new radios also come with built-in streaming capabilities, allowing you to easily play music from your favorite streaming service (like Spotify, Tidal, etc.), via Bluetooth, Airplay, or Chromecast. Some table radios also feature a CD player, practically transforming them into a mini stereo system.

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Hi-Fi radio tuner

Were you looking for a Hi-Fi stereo radio tuner

Also see our large selection of radio tuners for a stereo system, e.g. in the form of DAB+ radio adapters and Hi-Fi DAB+ tuners, which can be connected to an existing stereo system or directly to an active speaker.

DAB radios and digital radio - what is it?

FM radio has for many years been the way we have received radio, regardless of whether it is at home, at work or in the car. The way in which FM radio is broadcast is analogue, which means, among other things, that the quality is limited compared to digital radio such as DAB.

You can roughly compare traditional FM radio with a tape with music. The sound is excellent but quite limited in quality. If FM radio is a cassette tape, we can compare and say that DAB radio is a CD.

Here, the quality of the music played is significantly higher and more undisturbed. You get many more details with modern radio tuners that can play DAB radio. It can mean a lot when you listen to good music, whether the quality is good or not.

Where a CD player can give you significantly better sound when listening to music, compared to a cassette tape player, DAB radio can do the same for you, compared to FM radio.

DAB radio with bluetooth and streaming

There is a large selection of different DAB radios on the market today. Many of them offer both DAB and FM tuners, so you can listen to both formats. In addition to being able to listen to the radio, on many modern models you can also listen to music from other sources. It can be wireless via Bluetooth, for example, while some models even have internet radio and streaming built in.

DAB table radio with Wi-Fi streaming

When choosing your new DAB radio, it can be advantageous to choose a DAB radio with several smart functions, so you have it all in one device. Especially for the kitchen living room, the bedroom or the like, there are today many smart table radios with built-in DAB radio, so you can have it all in the same device, and store several channels at the same time.

Not only that they most modern DAB radios offer wireless Bluetooth streaming, there are also internet radios with other streaming options, such as Spotify Connect and TIDAL. Some even offer that you can charge your phone either via cable or wirelessly via the QI standard.

One of the advantages of choosing a digital DAB radio is, as mentioned above, that you get digital audio - i.e. digital sound. When sound is played digitally, you will often be able to get more data in the same signal, which can be translated directly into better sound that you get out of your speakers.

Which DAB radio should I choose? - contact us if you have any questions

When choosing your DAB radio, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need. You must of course choose a DAB radio that can receive the signal and the DAB channels in your area. Choose a model that can receive both DAB and FM, so you have access to all channels - perhaps also with internet radio that can give you even better sound quality than FM, DAB?

We have many years of experience in selling hi-fi equipment in all price ranges and categories, and are happy to help you find the DAB radio that suits your particular needs. Whatever it is, it is a simple DAB FM radio, without any extra functions. Or if you are looking for more advanced radios, we can also help with this.

Will DAB radio still work when FM radio is closed?

When the FM band closes, DAB+ will remain as the airborne radio signal of the future. DAB+ is the digital radio standard of FM and offers smarter channel search and noise-free connection.

Even if the FM band were to close, all FM sound systems will not necessarily become obsolete. There is a sea of DAB+ adapters or tuners that can give new life to an existing system, a B&O radio, or FM car radios via the AUX socket.

Internet table radio with built-in CD and streaming

Table radios with internet radio

Experience crystal clear sound and infinite variety with thousands of radio stations from around the world. With intuitive operation and elegant design, these table radios fit perfectly into any home, offering a world of entertainment at your fingertips.

Which is better, an internet radio or a dab radio?

The choice between an internet radio and a DAB radio depends on your individual needs and circumstances. Here are some considerations to help make the decision:
  • Range of stations: Internet radios provide access to thousands of stations from around the world, while DAB radios are typically limited to national and local stations.
  • Sound quality: DAB radios generally have better sound quality than FM radios, but internet radios can potentially offer even higher quality, depending on the streaming speed.
  • Availability: DAB radios require DAB signal which is not available everywhere, especially in more remote areas. Internet radios require a stable internet connection, which is also not available everywhere, but WiFi is often more commonly available than DAB signal.
In general, an internet radio is a good choice if you want access to a wide range of stations and have a stable internet connection. A DAB radio may be a better choice if you primarily listen to local or national stations and have a strong DAB signal.
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