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Audio processor – Sabre ESS Ultra Audio DAC

Audio processor – Sabre ESS Ultra Audio DAC Sabre 32 is a famous high precision DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), which handles conversion of up to 32-bit digital signals. Sabre 32 from ESS Technology is famed for its quality, and found in many upper grade stereo components.


Bluetooth Bluetooth is a wireless technology for data transfer between enabled devices over short distances. Intended to be a universal means of communication, it is supported by a vast number of consumer electronics. A common use is for the transfer of audio between mobile devices and headphones.

Bluetooth has been developed through many years and audio quality has been highly improved throuhgout the years, by use of Apt-X protocol for loss less streaming.

Bluetooth is of swedish origin, and takes its name from the danish king of old, Harald Blåtand (Bluetooth being the anglicised form), who united dissonant danish tribes into a single kingdom. The logo is a merging of the runes for "H" and "B", the king's initials.
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Compact Disc (CD)

Compact Disc (CD) This device is capable of CD (Compact Disc) playback.
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Impedance type – High (HZ) | 70/100V

Impedance type – High (HZ) | 70/100V High impedance (HZ) amplifiers and speakers for use in larger 70/100 Volt installations playing from the same amplifier channel. 100 Volt systems are often used where many loudspeakers must be installed in parallel, e.g. in hotel corridors, lobbies, restaurant and banquet rooms and outdoor speakers. 100V speakers are available both as built-in or for wall mounting.

Remember that both speaker and amplifier must be approved for 70/100V operation and are not normally used in Hi-Fi contexts.

Impedance type – Low (LZ) | 4/8 Ohm

Impedance type – Low (LZ) | 4/8 Ohm Amplifiers or speakers with low impedance (4-8 Ohm / LZ), which are used in regular mono and stereo systems. It is primarily used in low-impedance loudspeakers and systems, stereo and surround systems, as well as in simple professional installations, where normally only one to two loudspeakers are included per unit. channel.

Media Player build-in

Media Player build-in

Music streaming – Apple Music

Music streaming – Apple Music Apple Music is a streaming service developed by Apple Inc. The service supports Siri voice commands, and is fully integrated in the Sonos sound system.
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Music streaming – Deezer

Music streaming – Deezer Deezer is a music streaming service, and one of the largest worldwide. Available as free, as well as paid subscriptions, with the differences being in included advertising and sound quality. Implementation of Deezer in audio equipment, allows for easy acces to playlists and playback controls through mobile devices.
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Music streaming – Hi-Res audio

Music streaming – Hi-Res audio High Resolution Audio is a broad term for sound reproduced above 16-bit linear depth, which is the norm for standard audio CDs.

Music streaming – MQA

Music streaming – MQA MQA is a high resolution streaming technology that gives you original master recording quality from a music streaming service. It’s the core of TIDAL’s vast TIDAL Masters catalogue. And while far from exhaustive, it does include some pretty incredible works of art.

These are albums you can stream at resolutions up to 24-bit, 192kHz, giving you a mind-boggling resolution that helps create a deeper, more immersive listening experience.

However, none of this is without certain caveats. While TIDAL Masters will offer up 24-bit, 192kHz, just because it’s a Masters track doesn’t mean it will hit those incredible heights. In fact, most don’t. The majority of masters titles are going to sit somewhere between 48 and 96kHz, which is admittedly far from the shiny 24/192 that’s continually advertised.

While, yes, not every Masters track is a hefty 24-bit/192kHz in resolution, what you do get is well beyond CD quality.
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Music streaming – Spotify

Music streaming – Spotify Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming services in the world. Available as a free subscription which features advertisements, and as a paid subscription with improved streaming quality and absence of advertisements.

Consumer electronics featuring the Spotify logo can remotely playback Spotify tracks and playlists via a computer or mobile device.
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Music streaming – YouSee Play

Music streaming – YouSee Play YouSee Play - or YouSee Music, is a streaming service, available to YouSee customers. Playback through AirPlay or Bluetooth is supported, and the service is fully integrated in the Sonos sound system.
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Musik streaming – Roon ready

Musik streaming – Roon ready Roon ready means that the manufacturer has implemented roon labs RAAT network interface protocol directly into the device (network amplifier or streaming player) and has become a certified partner of roon. Thereby, the streaming player / amplifier works with the highest streaming quality from roon via RAAT, which was available at the time of development, and possibly. later via updates.
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Musik streaming – Roon tested

Musik streaming – Roon tested Roon tested means that devices have a built-in USB-DAC, ChromeCast or Apple Airplay, all of which are compatible streaming options and thus end-points for the roon universe. To get "roon tested", it also requires that the device has been reviewed by the roon labs QA team and thereby registered correctly in the roon software, for optimal streaming utilization.

Devices that have only been "roon tested" cannot take advantage of the full Roon functionality and sound quality achieved with roon's RAAT protocol. To stream with RAAT, it requires that the device is "roon ready" certified. The streaming quality of the sound for "roon tested" devices therefore depends entirely on the type of streaming used and its limitations.
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Musik streaming – Telmore Play

Musik streaming – Telmore Play Telmore Musik is a streaming service exclusive to danish tele operator Telmore. The services is compatible with AirPlay, Bluetooth as well as Chromecast, and is fully implemented with Sonos devices.
Read more about Musik streaming – Telmore Play

Musik streaming – Tidal

Musik streaming – Tidal Tidal is a service for music streaming. It differentiates itself from other services by providing Hi-Fi grade lossless audio quality, comparable to CD or better. It is strictly available as a paid service, with subscription costs tied to quality of the audio tracks.
Read more about Musik streaming – Tidal

Radio – DAB+

Radio – DAB+ DAB+ is an evolution of the original DAB signal, and features better error correction in poor reception areas. As radiostations have moved to DAB+ older DAB-radios are becoming unusable. Digital radios and tuners available today all feature DAB+.
Read more about Radio – DAB+

Radio – FM/AM with RDS

Radio – FM/AM with RDS RDS (Radio Data System) allows information to be transferred via radiosignals such as AM/FM. The most common use is display of the name of a radiostation in a digital display of a unit.
Read more about Radio – FM/AM with RDS

Radio – Internet radio

Radio – Internet radio Internet radio has some similarities with DAB: Digital radio with high stability, and no noise issues. Where DAB is transmitted through antennae, internet radio needs an internet connection either through ethernet or WLAN. Internet radio makes it possible to access radio channels from around the world. The feature is most commonly found in tabletop radios, as well as stereo and surround receivers.

Internet radio recieption are often through apps as Vtuner, Last.fm or direct in the streaming software by e.g. Sonos, Yamaha MusicCast eller Bose SoundTouch.



Super Audio CD (SACD)

Super Audio CD (SACD) Audio format based upon the current CD standards but includes a greater amount of information that provides higher quality sound. There are three types of discs: single layer, dual layer and hybrid discs. The hybrid disc can be played on existing CD players as well as Super Audio CD players since it contains both standard audio CD and Super Audio CD information.

“Super Audio CD” is a trademark.

Surround – Dolby Atmos

Surround – Dolby Atmos Dolby Atmos is a technology for surround sound. By utilizing ceiling-mounted speakers, the listener is given a dedicated rendition of sounds coming from above. Alternatively, reflection speakers may be used, which are commonly placed on top of the front speakers.
Read more about Surround – Dolby Atmos

Surround – Dolby TrueHD Audio

Surround – Dolby TrueHD Audio Dolby TrueHD is a multichannel lossless audio codec, predominantly used in home entertainment AV receivers.
Read more about Surround – Dolby TrueHD Audio

Surround – DTS:X®

Surround – DTS:X® DTS:X is an object-based audio which creates better multi-dimensional sound. The audio track is coded to make each speaker better reflect the spacial position of the sound, giving a more lifelike sound experience.

DTS:X lets the user adjust only the voice track, making dialogue easily audible.
Read more about Surround – DTS:X®

Surround – DTS-HD® Master Audio

Surround – DTS-HD® Master Audio DTS-HD Master is a combined lossy/lossless audio codec, which enables bit for bit identical playback to the master track - hence the name. On devices which do not support high resolution, a lossy rendition of the track is utilized.
Read more about Surround – DTS-HD® Master Audio

THX Select2 Plus

THX Select2 Plus THX Select2 Plus is a certification given to home theater components, which deliver satisfactory sound levels in rooms up to 2,000 cubic feet (57 m3) in size.
Read more about THX Select2 Plus

THX Ultra2 Plus

THX Ultra2 Plus THX Ultra2 Plus is a certification given to home theater components, which deliver satisfactory sound levels in rooms up to 3,000 cubic feet (85 m3) in size.
Read more about THX Ultra2 Plus

TV streaming – Netflix

TV streaming – Netflix Netflix is one of the leading streaming services in the world, available through a paid subscription. Besides an everchanging, extensive archive of movies and TV-series, Netflix also offers unique features from its own production company. Netflix is widely available, and commonly found in smart TVs, Blu-Ray and media players.
Read more about TV streaming – Netflix

TV streaming – ViaPlay

TV streaming – ViaPlay Viaplay is a nordic streaming service. Much of the content is from TV3's respective channels. Popular among families with children, due to a large selection of animated and family friendly features.
Read more about TV streaming – ViaPlay

TV treaming – HbbTV

TV treaming – HbbTV HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) is an industry standard for combining traditional free flow TV with internet provided material. On a smart TV it may be possible to access archived material on select channels, directly from the TV remote.
Read more about TV treaming – HbbTV

Wi-Fi streaming – Apple Airplay

Wi-Fi streaming – Apple Airplay AirPlay is a proprietary protocol developed by Apple, which allows wireless streaming of data - audio being the most popular. Originally only Apple products could communicate on the protocol, but it has since been licensed to manufacturers and developers. AirPlay was instrumental in making wireless streaming of music popular, and is stil found in consumer electronics.

Wi-Fi streaming – Apple Airplay 2

Wi-Fi streaming – Apple Airplay 2 AirPlay 2 from Apple is the updated AirPlay standard for streaming and multi-room audio for the smart home, and was launched with iOS 11. AirPlay 2 makes it possible to stream music to multiple rooms at once, via an iPhone or iPad, and will also be able to integrate with HomeKit, for intelligent control and interaction with other HomeKit compatible devices.

With AirPlay, you can stream sound in high and delicious quality, wirelessly over the network to the devices that support this. Almost all new amplifiers and receivers on the market have support for both Airplay 2 and ChromeCast, which makes it easier than ever to get great sound in the home - without all the hassle.

An amplifier with built-in Airplay 2 (also backwards compatible with Airplay) will in many cases be able to switch on by itself when it detects that you are streaming to it. You then have control to regulate the volume, and of course also switch between the songs or content you may be streaming. Since Airplay 2 makes use of the network, this means that the quality that can be streamed is significantly higher than, for example, Bluetooth, which cannot move anywhere near the same amount of data. If you have an iPhone or iPad and want a simple and delicious streaming solution, take a look at the amplifiers and receivers we offer.

Wi-Fi streaming – B&O Connected Speakers

Wi-Fi streaming – B&O Connected Speakers

Wi-Fi streaming – Chromecast built-in

Wi-Fi streaming – Chromecast built-in Chromecast built-in - formerly known as Google Cast - utilizes the features of a Chromecast, but as a native part of Audio/Video devices. While connected to the same network, a smartphone or tablet may stream audio and/or video being played back to a device with Chromecast built-in.

This feature means that the product has the option of being set up in Google Home on your smartphone, tablet or similar. You can then stream music easily and simply directly to the amplifier, without any difficulty and in high quality. If you have one or more voice-controlled Google devices, you will also be able to control your amplifier with your voice. For example, you can ask Google to turn it up, change the song, or something else entirely. The amplifier / receiver becomes part of a Google Home system, where the units talk to each other, and operation is made playfully easy.

The ChromeCast function is found in more and more products today, and is a simple solution when you want to start streaming music in high quality without wires and all the hassle. Setup is easy via the Google Home app, and works on both Android and iOS so that everyone can participate.
Read more about Wi-Fi streaming – Chromecast built-in

Wi-Fi streaming – DLNA

Wi-Fi streaming – DLNA dlna (Digital Living Network Alliance) is an industry standard for sharing data on a network. In audio/video equipment, it allows the playback of files on a network connected storage unit throgh a dedicated playback-enabled device on the same network.
Read more about Wi-Fi streaming – DLNA

Wi-Fi streaming – DTS Play-Fi

Wi-Fi streaming – DTS Play-Fi DTS Play-Fi is an open streaming and multiroom standard. It allows devices of different manufacturers to be connected and controlled on the same network. A high end home theater setup will work in unison with smaller active speakers from another, seamlessly controlled from the Play-Fi app.

A number of major audio/video manufacturers have already implemented the feature, with many more to come. Brands supporting Play-Fi include Klipsch, Anthem and Onkyo.
Read more about Wi-Fi streaming – DTS Play-Fi

Wi-Fi streaming – HEOS

Wi-Fi streaming – HEOS HEOS is a multi-room solution from Marantz/Denon which makes it possible to control your entire home system from one and the same app, across the supported devices - can most of all be compared to Sonos.

Virtually all modern Marantz receivers and amplifiers today come with HEOS support. Here you have the option of getting the supported devices to talk to each other on the same home network via an app on your phone or tablet. You can thereby get delicious sound in several rooms, and control everything from one and the same place. There is a wide range of different devices, amplifiers and speakers that support HEOS, both from Marantz and Denon which come from the same manufacturer.

The system works as we know it from Sonos and Google, with simple operation, simple set-up and the possibility of continuous expansion without the large expenses. We at AV-Connection offer several different amplifiers and products from Marantz that support HEOS.
Read more about Wi-Fi streaming – HEOS

Wi-Fi streaming – Miracast

Wi-Fi streaming – Miracast Miracast is a simple and effective wireless standard for screen sharing, e.g. to get an image from a computer to a projector or large screen. Miracast connects directly between compatible devices that are close to each other, and thus does not need to be connected to the Wi-Fi network.
- It is really smart in teaching scenarios, or when guests in a company who have to show a presentation in a meeting room or conference room.

Miracast is built into Windows, and on Mac computers you just need to download a Miracast app.

Wi-Fi streaming – Yamaha MusicCast

Wi-Fi streaming – Yamaha MusicCast MusicCast is a multiroom and streaming system unique to Yamaha products. As with many systems it is controlled via a complimentary app, which lets the user choose which rooms and units are currently playing. MusicCast supports a selection of streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal and Deezer, but also supports playback of audio files on network drives.

A unique feature is restreaming. Stream wirelessly to any unit using Bluetooth or AirPlay, and distribute it around the house through other units on the home network. Connect a turntable to a Yamaha amplifier with the MusicCast feature, and stream your vinyl to the rest of the system - an option rarely found among multiroom systems.

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