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Product selection with Musik streaming – Tidal

Musik streaming – Tidal

Tidal is a service for music streaming. It differentiates itself from other services by providing Hi-Fi grade lossless audio quality, comparable to CD or better. It is strictly available as a paid service, with subscription costs tied to quality of the audio tracks.

Cambridge Audio CXA81 + CXN streaming stereo system
Price  2.685,33 EUR
Cambridge Audio CXN V2 network player
Price  1.073,73 EUR
Cambridge Audio Edge NQ network player and preamp
Price  5.639,93 EUR
Cambridge Audio EVO 150 amplifier and network player
Price  2.819,63 EUR
Cambridge Audio EVO 75 amplifier and network player
Price  2.282,43 EUR
HALL AUDIO WiFi Streamer with HDMI ARC
Price  307,41 EUR
iFi Audio Aurora all-in-one music system
Price  1.610,93 EUR
iFi Audio Neo Stream network audio streamer
Price  1.342,33 EUR
iFi Audio ZEN Stream
Price  429,09 EUR
Marantz AV 10 surround processor
Price  6.983,47 EUR
Marantz AV7706 surround processor
Price  2.820,17 EUR
Marantz AV8805A surround processor
Price  4.498,92 EUR
Marantz Cinema 40 surround receiver
Price  2.820,17 EUR
Marantz Cinema 50 surround receiver
Price  2.013,83 EUR
Marantz Cinema 60 surround receiver
Price  1.342,33 EUR
Marantz Cinema 70S surround receiver
Price  993,15 EUR
Marantz Melody X MCR612 media receiver
Price  778,27 EUR
Marantz Model 40n integrated stereo amplifier
Price  2.685,33 EUR
Marantz ND8006 network player
Price  1.074,27 EUR
Marantz NR1200 stereo receiver
Price  872,28 EUR
Marantz NR1510 5.2 surround receiver
Price  670,83 EUR
Marantz NR1711 7.2 surround receiver
Price  899,68 EUR
Marantz PM7000N integrated stereo amplifier
Price  1.409,48 EUR
Marantz SACD 30N CD-player
Price  3.155,38 EUR
Marantz SR5015 7.2 surround receiver
Price  913,11 EUR
Marantz SR7015 9.2 surround receiver
Price  2.094,95 EUR
Marantz SR8015 11.2 surround receiver
Price  3.625,43 EUR
Mark Levinson No. 519 CD/Media player
Price  28.873,83 EUR
Onkyo TX-NR5100 7.2 Surround receiver
Price  939,97 EUR
Onkyo TX-NR6100 7.2 Surround receiver
Price  1.074,27 EUR
Onkyo TX-NR7100 9.2 Surround receiver
Price  1.477,17 EUR
Onkyo TX-RZ50 9.2 Surround receiver
Price  1.678,62 EUR
PIEGA Premium 301 Wireless incl. Connect Plus
Price  3.021,62 EUR
PIEGA Premium 501 Wireless incl.Connect Plus
Price  4.968,97 EUR
PIEGA Premium 701 Wireless incl. Connect Plus
Price  6.714,87 EUR
Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra
Price  805,13 EUR
Rotel S14 streaming amplifier
Price  2.685,87 EUR
Rotel T14 FM / DAB+ radio tuner
Price  872,82 EUR
Ruark Audio MRx connected wireless speaker
Price  536,53 EUR
Ruark Audio R3 music system table top FM/DAB+ internet radio...
Price  872,28 EUR
Ruark Audio R5 Music System with FM/DAB+ radio and CD-player
Price  1.342,33 EUR
SONOS AMP streaming amplifier
Price  805,67 EUR
SONOS ARC soundbar
Price  1.005,91 EUR
SONOS ARC Soundbar with One SL
Price  1.406,12 EUR
SONOS ARC Soundbar with SUB
Price  1.850,65 EUR
SONOS ARC Soundbar with SUB and ONE SL
Price  2.250,87 EUR
SONOS BEAM Gen2 soundbar
Price  449,77 EUR
SONOS BEAM Soundbar with SUB
Price  1.348,24 EUR
SONOS Beam with One SL
Price  903,70 EUR
Price  1.748,45 EUR
SONOS Beam with Sub Mini - 3.1 system
Price  956,62 EUR
SONOS Beam with Sub Mini and One SL
Price  1.356,83 EUR
SONOS FIVE loudspeaker
Price  584,07 EUR
SONOS FIVE loudspeaker - Stereo pack
Price  1.148,00 EUR
SONOS MOVE wireless loudspeaker
Price  375,37 EUR
SONOS ONE + SUB - 2.1 stereo system
Price  1.248,59 EUR
SONOS One Gen2 - Smart speaker
Price  200,11 EUR
SONOS One Gen2 - Stereo pack
Price  453,93 EUR
SONOS One SL - Stereo bundle
Price  400,21 EUR
SONOS One SL loudspeaker
Price  200,11 EUR
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