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Product selection with Radio – FM/AM with RDS

Radio – FM/AM with RDS

RDS (Radio Data System) allows information to be transferred via radiosignals such as AM/FM. The most common use is display of the name of a radiostation in a digital display of a unit.

Albrecht DR463 Internet and DAB+/FM adapter
Price  120,74 EUR
Albrecht DR50 DAB+/FM adapter
Price  91,19 EUR
Albrecht DR52 DAB+/FM adapter
Price  100,59 EUR
Cambridge Audio AXR100 stereo receiver
Price  643,97 EUR
Cambridge Audio AXR85 stereo receiver
Price  603,68 EUR
FM dipool antenna
Price  5,24 EUR
HAMA DIT2006BT Tuner with DAB+ and FM radio
Price  234,89 EUR
Indoor DVB-T/DAB/FM antenna (passive)
Price  9,39 EUR
Jamo DS2 bluetooth speaker
Price  20,01 EUR
JBL Horizon 2 clock radio
Price  134,17 EUR
JBL Tuner 2 portable radio with Bluetooth
Price  87,16 EUR
JBL Tuner XL portable radio with Bluetooth
Price  132,82 EUR
Kitsound Bluetooth FM transmitter for cars
Price  22,70 EUR
Lenco CR-18 FM clock radio
Price  26,73 EUR
Lenco CR-550 FM clockradio witi QI charging
Price  40,16 EUR
Lenco CR-580BK alarm clock with FM, Bluetooth and Qi
Price  80,45 EUR
Lenco CR-615BK FM/DAB+ clock radio time projection
Price  53,59 EUR
Lenco CR-630 FM and DAB+ clockradio
Price  79,10 EUR
Lenco DAC-100 DAB+ Biladapter med Bluetooth
Price  93,88 EUR
Lenco DAR-030 FM and DAB+ clock radio
Price  97,90 EUR
Lenco DAR-045 CD, FM and DAB+ radio
Price  120,74 EUR
Lenco DAR-051WD stereo system with radio, CD, Bluetooth and ...
Price  174,46 EUR
Lenco DIR-170 Internet, FM and DAB+ radio
Price  161,03 EUR
Lenco DIR-250 tuner with internetradio, DAB+ and bluetooth
Price  214,75 EUR
Lenco DIR-260BK CD-player with internet, FM/DAB+ radio and B...
Price  199,97 EUR
Lenco DIR-270WD stereo system with radio, CD and Bluetooth
Price  201,32 EUR
Lenco MC-460 Stereo with CD and turntable
Price  268,47 EUR
Lenco PA-200 party speaker
Price  174,46 EUR
Lenco PIR-510 portable internet radio with FM/DAB+
Price  65,67 EUR
Lenco PIR-645BK internet radio with FM/DAB+
Price  107,31 EUR
Lenco SCD-41 portable FM radio with CD and USB
Price  60,30 EUR
Lenco SCD-501 portable FM radio with CD
Price  53,59 EUR
Lenco SCD-580 Retro ghettoblaster
Price  93,88 EUR
Lenco SCD-650 portable karaoke radio with CD
Price  80,45 EUR
Lenco SCD-6900 portable DAB+ radio
Price  119,39 EUR
Lenco SCD-720 Ghettoblaster with DAB+
Price  134,17 EUR
Lenco SPR-070 Boombox / ghettoblaster
Price  71,04 EUR
Lenco SPR-200BK portable boombox
Price  100,59 EUR
LTE700 antenna for DVB-T/DAB/FM (active 40 dB)
Price  33,44 EUR
LTE700 indoor antenna for DVB-T/DAB/FM (active 28 dB)
Price  24,04 EUR
Macab DCA2000 LTE700 DVB-T/DAB/FM antenna, 40 dB
Price  104,62 EUR
Marantz Cinema 60 surround receiver
Price  1.342,33 EUR
Marantz Cinema 70S surround receiver
Price  993,15 EUR
Marantz Melody X MCR612 media receiver
Price  778,27 EUR
Marantz NR1200 stereo receiver
Price  872,28 EUR
Marantz NR1510 5.2 surround receiver
Price  670,83 EUR
Marantz NR1711 7.2 surround receiver
Price  899,68 EUR
Marantz SR5015 7.2 surround receiver
Price  913,11 EUR
Maximum Outdoor FM + DAB/DAB+ antenna, passive
Price  53,59 EUR
Maximum outdoor FM antenna
Price  25,38 EUR
Polk Audio Polk S10e bookshelf speakers and Yamaha CRX-B370D...
Price  402,77 EUR
Polk Audio Signature E 5.0 surround speaker set incl. HTR-20...
Price  671,37 EUR
Pure Avalon N5 BT FM/DAB+ Radio
Price  214,75 EUR
Pure Elan Connect internet and FM/DAB+ radio
Price  80,45 EUR
Pure Elan Connect+ internet and FM/DAB+ Radio
Price  92,53 EUR
Pure Elan DAB+ and FM radio
Price  52,24 EUR
Pure Evoke C-D4 DAB+ / FM radio with Bluetooth and CD
Price  221,46 EUR
Pure Evoke C-F6 BT stereo system
Price  483,35 EUR
Pure Evoke F3 DAB+ / FM / Internet radio with bluetooth
Price  201,32 EUR
Pure Evoke H3 DAB+ / FM radio
Price  131,48 EUR
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