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Allan Rasmussen, Customer service manager

Allan Rasmussen
Allan is customer service manager and has the ultimate responsibility for the sales and support department. He is incredibly service minded and is diligent in helping you as a customer to get your order safely, comprehensibly and safely to your door.

In his spare time, Allan is a musician and has always had a natural interest in sound and technology in general. 
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Thor Pallesen, Customer sales- and support assistant

Thor Pallesen
Thor primarily takes care of the store in Sønderborg, where he will be found during the day. Thor is very interested in Hi-Fi and technology in general, so with him you as a customer are in very safe hands.

In addition to the store, you as a customer will also have a good chance to meet Thor on the phone/support line and by email. Thor has many years of experience within the industry and is always energetic to learn new things and learn from himself 
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Rasmus Paulsen, Customer sales- and support assistant

Rasmus Paulsen
Rasmus initially started as reinforcement for the web support, responsible for creating and maintaining the website.

However, the busyness of support made it necessary to draw on Rasmus' experience from the telecommunications industry, as well as his love for vinyl and record players. Now he happily meets our customers at support and gives them the necessary help along the way. 
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Gerard Posch, Customer sales- and support assistant

Gerard Posch
With a background in radio/TV, among others, Fleggaard, Merlin, Syd-energi and El-Salg, Gerard has accumulated over 20 years of experience within, among other things, webshop, sales and customer service for both private and B2B customers. He has been around many corners of the above companies, and has thereby gained a very good understanding of what it means to run a store and webshop from A-B.

Gerard has always had a natural interest in electronics, and the home cinema part in particular is a great passion which is cultivated regularly at home.
Regardless of whether you meet Gerard by phone, chat and email or in our store in Sonderborg, you are sure to get good professional advice mixed with positivity and a desire to help you as a customer as best as possible from start to finish. 
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Ken Hansen, Customer sales- and support assistant

Ken Hansen
With a background as an operator and experienced supporter, where the quality of the customer's experience is highly valued, Ken has become part of our strong support & sales team.

Ken is very conscientious with a good amount of positive energy, which originally started as a language student who volunteered to help at various festivals and music events. He has extensive experience with good customer service through his work as a customer consultant in the telecommunications industry, where sales and technical support on TV, broadband and telephony were the primary tasks. At Ken, you are sure to find a committed and service-minded employee who strives to provide a really good experience when you contact support. 
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Lars W. Beenbjerg, Warehouse and service manager

Lars W. Beenbjerg
Lars is warehouse and service manager and has the ultimate responsibility for the warehouse. Lars is also our technical expert at the workshop, so for RMA and defect cases, you will probably come across Lars during the process.

Lars has a background in both craftsmanship, storage and logistics, so independent thinking and a high sense of order are a matter of course, which guarantees you a quick dispatch of your returned goods.

In addition to managing the warehouse, Lars never goes out of his way to handle many other practical tasks in the company. 
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Jan Blaszkevizc, Warehouse and RMA assistant

Jan Blaszkevizc
Jan is educated in the service industry and has worked in a shop since he was 16 years old. In combination with the great passion for sound/image, technology and logical thinking, the RMA department and the warehouse work are the right shelf for Jan. His knowledge ranges widely from home theater solutions to HiFi, TV, PC and other technical bits.

So if you have a problem with your product, need to return something or are simply waiting for your package ordered from our website. Is there a high probability that Jan has visited one of the locations and done his best to ensure that you have a good experience at AV-Connection. 
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René B. Jensen, Warehouse manager

René B. Jensen
René is trained in warehousing and transport with extensive experience in Lean as well as optimization of stock in luggage - René must help ensure fluid workflows in the main warehouse and ensure that all online orders from the webshop get out the door as quickly as possible, to a large extent joy for all our customers. 
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Bjørn Soll, Warehouse assistant

Bjørn Soll
Bjorn is another one of the diligent employees at our ever-growing warehouse. The many daily shipments to our customers require warehouse employees of just the right type. Flexibility, accuracy and a watchful eye are characteristics of Bjorn and all his colleagues.

Bjorn takes care of the daily shipments and makes sure that goods from our suppliers arrive in stock, in all its simplicity, Bjorn is the engine that keeps the entire process between goods in and goods out going. 

Bjarne Vogt, Warehouse assistant

Bjarne Vogt
Bjarne is part of our warehouse team, which helps to ensure that your goods arrive safely, every day. At the same time, Bjarne is an octopus who helps to ensure that new goods arrive quickly in warehouse locations. 

Ronni Søby, Managing director

Ronni Søby
Ronni primarily takes care of business development, finance and marketing, including the AV-Connection webshop. By background, he has previously worked as an IT system developer, but has always been an entrepreneur, technically interested and a home cinema enthusiast.

Ronni has been in the industry for many years and is the company's founder. 

Thomas Laukamp, Purchasing and logistics manager

Thomas Laukamp
Thomas primarily takes care of all procurement and production technical work and maintains contact with manufacturers and all our suppliers. He does this work with a great sense of quality, details and high technical insight.

Thomas is a partner in the company and have a background as electronic engineer (HND in EE) with industry-related courses and seminars and has been a part of AV-Connection for more than 20 years. 
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Mads Doweszeit, Marketing Manager

Mads Doweszeit
Mads is head of our marketing department and make sure that all of out grafical design looks at its best. He is also one of the technical experts here at AV-Connection. Mads is also the company's stereophile expert, so if you have more advanced speaker-related questions, Mads is the go-to-guy.

Mads has a burning interest in hi-fi and technic in general. 
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Mikkel S. Hartmann, IT system developer

Mikkel S. Hartmann
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Dorte Hansen, Accountant

Dorte Hansen
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Ingrid Søby, Graphical designer

Ingrid Søby
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