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Due to large sale and returns, purchase of wholesale stock lots and product lifecycle exchanges, we always have lots of quality products at low sale prices!

  • Campaign/limited offers are different stock lots at spot prices, specific brand campaigns, or introduction offers
  • Bundle deals are combined product bundles with great savings, due to the purchase of multiple products. Please feel free to contact us for individual requests.
  • Inventory and EOL sale, are either discontinued products (end-of-life), or just inventory clearance at extra low prices.
  • B-stock items are various products, e.g. products that has been opened and displayed/tested or demonstrated, or with damaged packaging, or simple customer returned products due to order cancellation. All products are of course tested/checked and approved before sold again.
  • January sale
    January sale
    Campaign offers
    Campaign offers
    Product bundles
    Product bundles
    Inventory- and EOL sale
    Inventory- and EOL sale
    Demo- and returned products
    Demo- and returned products

    REMARK: The offers can be limited, so please do not hessitate to buy it when you like it!

    Inventory and EOL sale

    Powerlink RJ45, white
    B&O PowerLink RJ45 cable for B&O - White
    From 40,16 EUR
    charging dongle for Beoplay E6 Motion, white
    B&O charging dongle for Beoplay E6 motion
    From 20,01 EUR
    Inakustik Excellence optical cable
    Inakustik Excellence optical cable
    From 80,45 EUR
    Lindy USB 3.2 Gen 1 to 2.5G ethernet converter (USB-C - RJ45)
    Lindy USB-C 2.5 Gigabit ethernet converter (USB C – RJ45)
    From 33,44 EUR
    Y-split lydkabel (RCA hun - 2x RCA han)
    Y-split audio cable (RCA socket- 2x RCA plug)
    From 5,24 EUR
    Neets Sound Bar - SB1 - Front
    Neets SB1-B Soundbar
    From 402,77 EUR
    Klipsch C-308ASWi subwoofer
    Klipsch C-308ASWi subwoofer, 8 inches driver
    From 805,67 EUR
    Udendørs CAT6 netværskabelkit
    CAT 6 U-UTP outdoor network cable set
    From 67,02 EUR
    Buddy Phones Connect hovedtelefoner, blå
    BuddyPhones Connect foldable headphones for kids
    From 11,95 EUR
    Danmark til Sydafrika rejseadapter, hvid
    DK to Syd Afrika traveladapter
    From 2,01 EUR
    BeoPlay M3 Cover, dark grey
    B&O Cover for Beoplay M3
    From 40,16 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 6 S/FTP, orange
    CAT 6 S-FTP screened network cable – Orange
    From 2,01 EUR
    Otical network cable, LC-SC OM2
    LC to SC duplex fibre optic cable (OM2)
    From 3,89 EUR
    Clicktronic Casual VGA cable with 3.5 mm Jack
    Clicktronic VGA monitor cable with audio
    From 26,73 EUR
    Triax TD 253, hvid
    Triax TD253E antenna wall socket
    From 13,30 EUR
    Triax 6-vejs antennefordeler
    Triax 6-way antenna splitter, 5-2400 Mhz
    From 6,58 EUR
    Triax 4-vejs antennefordeler
    Triax 4-way antenna splitter, 5-2400 Mhz
    From 5,24 EUR
    Triax 3-vejs antennefordeler
    Triax 3-way antenna splitter, 5-2400 Mhz
    From 3,89 EUR
    60-003 Safety wire
    PC chainlock for laptop
    From 3,89 EUR
    Panasonic fjernbetjening N2QAYB001185
    Panasonic remote N2QAYB001185
    From 26,73 EUR
    Panasonic fjernbetjening N2QAYA000205
    Panasonic remote N2QAYA000205
    From 13,30 EUR
    Sony RMT-AH310E remote control
    SONY RMT-AH310E remote control
    From 26,73 EUR
    Buddy Phones School+ børnehovedtelefoner, all
    BuddyPhones School+ headphones for kids
    From 20,01 EUR
    Bose pro S1 batteri
    BOSE Pro S1 Pro system battery charge pack
    From 80,45 EUR
    Cambridge PZ972 remote control
    Cambridge Audio PZ972 remote control
    From 53,59 EUR
    Sony fjernbetjening RMT-AM420U
    SONY RMT-AM420U remote control
    From 33,44 EUR
    Vivolink selvlukkende fletstrømpe, sort
    Vivolink 9-10 mm self closing braided sleeve
    From 3,89 EUR
    Philips Hue White and Color E14
    Philips Hue Color BT E14 LED bulb
    From 60,30 EUR
    Sony fjernbetjening RMT-TX3300E
    SONY RMT-TX3300E remote control
    From 26,73 EUR
    Camebridge Audio PKA140 remote control
    Cambridge Audio PKA140 remote control
    From 40,16 EUR
    Camebridge Audio PF873 remote control
    Cambridge Audio PF873 remote control
    From 40,16 EUR
    Camebridge Audio PF853 remote control
    Cambridge Audio PF853 remote control
    From 40,16 EUR
    Camebridge Audio PF511 remote control
    Cambridge Audio PF511 remote control
    From 53,59 EUR
    No photo available
    Cambridge Audio PF339 remote control
    From 53,59 EUR
    Lindy USB-C to HDMI
    Lindy USB-C to HDMI converter cable (UHD 4K@60Hz)
    From 20,01 EUR
    Solvo By Neets
    Neets Solvo By Neets hub
    From 402,77 EUR
    Powerdot PD10 socket for desktop with guide holes
    Powerdot PD10 socket for tabletop with guide holes
    From 17,32 EUR
    SmartLife 230V 3-socket with Schukostik(16A) and 4 x USB
    SmartLife 230V Schuko 3-socket with 4 x USB
    From 25,38 EUR
    SmartLife E27 Filament LED bulb, 5W, A60, 2700K
    SmartLife E27 Filament LED bulb, 5W, A60, 2700K
    From 6,58 EUR
    SmartLife E27 Filament LED bulb, 5W, ST64, 2200K
    SmartLife E27 Filament LED bulb, 5W, ST64, 2200K
    From 9,27 EUR
    Televes NanoKom 561621
    Televes NanoKom outdoor LTE700 mast head amplifier UHF/DVB-T...
    From 33,44 EUR
    Triax TLP 046 LP filter LTE700
    Triax TLP 046 LTE700 K46 band stop filter (5-678 MHz)
    From 7,92 EUR
    Televes NanoKom LTE700 Ref.561821
    Televes NanoKom outdoor LTE700 mast head amplifier UHF/DVB-T...
    From 33,44 EUR
    SunFlux GU10 LED pære, 4W, 2700K, 300 Lm, 38º, dæmpbar
    SunFlux True Color GU10 LED spot, 4W, 2700K, 300 Lm, 38º, di...
    From 6,58 EUR
    Nedis Melody Mouse Animaticks Bluetooth-højttaler - Front
    Melody Mouse Animaticks Bluetooth-højttaler
    From 11,95 EUR
    Nedis Olly Owl Animaticks Bluetooth-højttaler - Front
    Olly Owl Animaticks Bluetooth-højttaler
    From 13,30 EUR
    AXAGON DisplayPort 1.2 to VGA
    AXAGON DisplayPort 1.2 to VGA
    From 9,27 EUR
    Nedis Dual USB 12V car charger (3.000mA/Power Delivery 30W) - White
    USB-A / USB-C 12V car charger (PD 30W / 3A)
    From 11,95 EUR
    Lindy USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Converter With Power Delivery
    Lindy USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Converter With Power Deliver...
    From 26,73 EUR
    Triax 370721 HDMI
    Triax Standard Speed HDMI cable, 20 metre
    From 13,30 EUR
    Philips Hue White E27 ST64 White filament
    Philips Hue White Filament E27 ST64 LED bulb
    From 21,35 EUR
    CAT 8.1 S/FTP Netværkskabel - Sort
    CAT 8.1 S/FTP ethernet cable with CAT 6A connector, black
    From 25,38 EUR
    SoundXtra Harman Kardon Citation One floorstand, black
    SoundXtra Floorstand for Citiation One
    From 67,02 EUR
    3 port Mini DP til DisplayPort Hub - Front
    Lindy Mini DP to DisplayPort 1.2 MST Hub (1 in - 3 out)
    From 40,16 EUR
    Lindy Mini HDMI til VGA konverter
    Lindy Mini HDMI to VGA Adapter
    From 15,98 EUR
    Vivolink VGA kabel med lyd(MiniJack)
    Vivolink Pro VGA cable with sound (MiniJack)
    From 20,01 EUR
    Vivolink Pro HDMI til DVI kabel
    Vivolink Pro HDMI to DVI cable
    From 20,01 EUR
    LK FUGA Softline designramme, 1 modul, alle
    LK FUGA® Softline Design Frame 63, 1 modul
    From 1,07 EUR
    Philips Hue Ourdoor Motion sensor
    Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor
    From 41,50 EUR
    LK FUGA Softline ramme, 2 modul, vandret, hvid
    LK FUGA® Softline 63 frame, 2 module horizontal
    From 4,02 EUR
    LK FUGA softline ramme, 1 modul, hvid
    LK FUGA® Softline 63 frame, 1 module
    From 2,95 EUR
    Atacama SLX højttalerstander, 60 cm
    Atacama Audio SLX speaker stands
    From 147,60 EUR
    Inakustik bluetooth transmitter og splitter
    Inakustik Bluetooth transmitter and splitter
    From 62,99 EUR
    AV vægdåse til FUGA, Composite Video + Stereo audio
    AV wall socket for LK FUGA®
    From 26,73 EUR
    CAT5e U/UTP Netværkskabel, RJ45 med vinkel i begge ender
    CAT5e U/UTP network cable, RJ45 angled-angled
    From 0,93 EUR
    Apple Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
    Apple Thunderbolt 2 to Gigabit Ethernet adapter
    From 29,41 EUR
    Ortofon Stylus Dual DN 155E
    Ortofon Stylus Dual DN 155E replacement styli
    From 67,02 EUR
    USB-C multiport adapter (USB-C han til DVI/USB-C hun)
    USB-C multiport adapter (USB C – DVI, USB-C)
    From 20,01 EUR
    HDMI kabel med 90 grader stik
    HDMI cable with 90 angled plug
    From 7,92 EUR
    Piega Stand 300 højttaler stander, sølv
    PIEGA Stand 300 speaker stand
    From 537,07 EUR
    Flexson vægbeslag til Play 1, sort
    Flexson P1-WM wall mount for Sonos PLAY 1
    From 26,73 EUR
    Vogels Pro PTS 1205 sikkerhedskabinet til iPad 2/3/4
    Vogels Pro Enclosure w/key lock for iPad 2/3/4
    From 120,74 EUR
    LK FUGA teknisk montageramme, 2 modul
    LK FUGA® technical mounting frame, 2 module
    From 0,53 EUR
    LK FUGA teknisk monteringsramme, 2.5 modul
    LK FUGA® technical mounting frame, 2.5 module
    From 0,53 EUR
    Mini displayport 1.2 til HDMI 2.0, DVI og VGA adapter
    Lindy Mini DisplayPort to HDMI/DVI/VGA
    From 13,30 EUR
    Pro-Ject Bluetooth Box S2, sort
    Pro-Ject Bluetooth Box S2
    From 140,88 EUR
    Emotiva BTM-1 Bluetooth adapter
    Emotiva BTM-1 bluetooth module
    From 40,16 EUR
    Vogels PUC 1050 truss adapter
    Vogels Pro PUC 1050 truss adapter
    From 53,59 EUR
    Vogels Sound 5201 HEOS 1 vægbeslag, sort
    Vogels Sound 5201 wall mount for Denon HEOS 1
    From 30,75 EUR
    Supra kabel klipper
    SUPRA Cable cutter
    From 40,16 EUR
    Humax RM-H04S fjernbetjening
    RM-H04S remote for Humax BXR-HD/HD2
    From 46,87 EUR
    Lindy DVI-D til DisplayPort kabel
    Lindy Active DVI-D to DisplayPort cable
    From 20,01 EUR
    Vogels Pro PUC 2508 stang
    Vogels Pro PUC Connect-it pole, large 80-300 cm. - Black
    From 60,30 EUR
    Netvaerkskabel med vinklet stik
    CAT 5e U/UTP network cable with angled plug – Black
    From 1,07 EUR
    MiniDisplay til HDMI adapter til 4K-60Hz
    Lindy Mini-Displayport to HDMI converter cable - Eyefinity c...
    From 17,32 EUR
    Sunflux E27 LED 6W 2700K
    SunFlux E27 LED bulb (6W, 2700K, 530 lm)
    From 6,58 EUR
    Skross Charge N Sync USB-C
    Skross Charge N sync USB-C cable (USB C – A male)
    From 6,58 EUR
    FUGA LK-1017041695
    LK FUGA® EDB outlet 1 module
    From 9,39 EUR
    wall mount, black
    BOSE Omni Jewel Sattellite wall mount
    From 40,16 EUR
    Flexson wall mount for Sonos PLAY5
    Flexson horizontal wall bracket for Sonos PLAY:5 G2/3 and FI...
    From 53,59 EUR
    Video coax kabel, 100 m.
    Coaxial video cable (75 Ohm)
    From 0,81 EUR
    Micro USB ladekabel i farver
    Micro USB charging cable (USB A – Micro B), 1 metre
    From 1,34 EUR
    Sonitus Kicker 2.0
    Sonitus Kicker 2.0, drum absorber
    From 13,30 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e UTP, green
    CAT 5e U-UTP network cable – Green
    From 1,34 EUR
    WP-1015-W, VGA vægdåse (hun - han)
    VGA wall mount (female - male)
    From 20,01 EUR
    Displayport switch, 2-way - Rear
    InLine Displayport 1.2 splitter (1 in - 2 out)
    From 62,99 EUR
    Triax Mast bracket for gable brackets
    From 7,92 EUR
    Piega center wallmount, alu silver
    PIEGA Center wallbracket
    From 40,16 EUR
    Aluminium cable cover, 50 mm.
    From 17,32 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F/UTP, angle-straight, black
    CAT 5e F/UTP shielded network cable with angled plug – Black
    From 1,34 EUR
    Apple Lightning til VGA adapter
    Apple Lightning to VGA Adapter
    From 45,53 EUR
    Thorsman cable clips - 100 pack
    From 6,58 EUR
    Bose Acoustimas 6 link kabel
    BOSE Acoustimas 15 /II/ III & 16 /II extension cable, 6m
    From 40,16 EUR
    JVC AG3 3D glasses
    JVC 3D glasses for DLA-X series
    From 107,31 EUR
    Clicktronic Casual series Displayport
    Clicktronic DisplayPort cable (2K / 4K@30Hz)
    From 17,32 EUR
    Vertical front for System Audio Saxo 6 - Black
    System Audio front for Saxo series
    From 13,30 EUR
    Monitorkabel med 3.5mm lyd
    VGA Monitorcable with audio
    From 10,61 EUR
    Antenne kabel, 1x 7.0 mm. Koax, 3x skærm, 75 Ohm
    Triple screened antenna cable (Ø7.05 mm)
    From 0,67 EUR
    Mini Displayport to VGA converter
    From 13,30 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e UTP, blue
    CAT 5e U-UTP network cable – Blue
    From 0,80 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e UTP, yellow
    CAT 5e U-UTP network cable – Yellow
    From 1,60 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e UTP, red
    CAT 5e U-UTP network cable – Red
    From 0,66 EUR
    Lindy Premium Gold VGA/XGA
    Lindy Gold VGA monitor cable
    From 40,16 EUR
    HQ-ADAP009 coax
    Antenna adapter (IEC plug - plug)
    From 1,34 EUR
    Supra DVI-D Single Link
    SUPRA Single-Link DVI-D Cable
    From 53,59 EUR
    Clicktronic Casual series HDMI AA
    Clicktronic HDMI cable
    From 10,07 EUR
    Clicktronic Casual Dual Link DVI-D
    Clicktronic Dual-Link DVI-D Cable
    From 24,04 EUR
    Vogels EPW 6565
    Vogels EFW 6565 Projector wall support
    From 119,39 EUR
    MasterLink IHC Net, hvidt
    B&O MasterLink IHC Net Cable for B&O
    From 40,16 EUR
    Lindy Premium Gold Dual-Link DVI-D
    Lindy Gold Dual-Link DVI-D Cable
    From 26,73 EUR
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