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Due to large sale and returns, purchase of wholesale stock lots and product lifecycle exchanges, we always have lots of quality products at low sale prices!

  • Campaign/limited offers are different stock lots at spot prices, specific brand campaigns, or introduction offers
  • Bundle deals are combined product bundles with great savings, due to the purchase of multiple products. Please feel free to contact us for individual requests.
  • Inventory and EOL sale, are either discontinued products (end-of-life), or just inventory clearance at extra low prices.
  • B-stock items are various products, e.g. products that has been opened and displayed/tested or demonstrated, or with damaged packaging, or simple customer returned products due to order cancellation. All products are of course tested/checked and approved before sold again.
  • Campaign offers
    Campaign offers
    Product bundles
    Product bundles
    Inventory- and EOL sale
    Inventory- and EOL sale
    Demo- and returned products
    Demo- and returned products
    Local offers in AV-Connection Odense
    Local offers in AV-Connection Odense

    REMARK: The offers can be limited, so please do not hessitate to buy it when you like it!

    Inventory and EOL sale

    Beyerdynamic DX-120 iE
    Beyerdynamic DX 120 iE in-ear headphones
    From 40,06 EUR
    Qi PowerBank 4000 mAh
    Qi PowerbBank 4000 mAh
    From 23,98 EUR
    Ortofon Scratch OM DJ pick-up
    Ortofon DJ Scratch OM
    From 33,36 EUR
    Yamaha RX-A3070 surround receiver, sølv
    Yamaha RX-A3070 Aventage 9.2 surround receiver
    From 1.606,20 EUR
    Klipsch R-12SWi traadlos subwoofer
    Klipsch R-12SWi wireless subwoofer, 12 inches driver
    From 468,77 EUR
    JBL Reflect Contour, black
    JBL Reflect Contour in-ear headphones
    From 80,25 EUR
    GB-66273 USB-C Multi adapter
    USB 3.1 Type C multiport adaptor
    From 33,36 EUR
    Marshall Woburn, black
    Marshall Woburn bluetooth speaker
    From 280,67 EUR
    Klipsch RP-140SA speaker
    Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-140SA height speaker
    From 241,02 EUR
    JBL Xtreme, black
    JBL Xtreme speaker
    From 160,63 EUR
    Vogels SOUND 4303 Gulvstand til Sonos Play 3, Example
    Vogels Sound 4303 floor stand for Sonos Play3
    From 40,06 EUR
    DS Pro DS102, White
    DS Pro DS102 Universal projector ceiling bracket (30-38 cm.)
    From 53,46 EUR
    Piega LTD bottom plate, alu silver
    PIEGA LTD bottom plate incl. spikes
    From 267,81 EUR
    Piega wallmount, small (TMicro-3)
    PIEGA wallbracket for Tmicro 3
    From 66,85 EUR
    GB-9078X, white
    Corner piece, 50 mm.
    From 3,89 EUR
    Triax TEOC 110 MoCA®
    Triax TEOC 110 MoCA® LAN boks
    From 53,46 EUR
    Clicktronic Casual series Component video
    ClickTronic Component Video Kabel
    From 23,98 EUR
    Mini Displayport kabel, hvid
    Mini-Displayport cable
    From 6,56 EUR
    Lauritz Knudsen montageramme m/låg, grå
    LK Actassi® frame with protection cover
    From 1,33 EUR
    Vogels THIN 345 vægbeslag, hvid
    Vogels THIN 345 TV wallbracket turn and tilt, 40"-65"
    From 200,83 EUR
    HQ MiniJack stereo female
    3.5 mm. High-quality Mini Jack Female Connector, metal
    From 2,67 EUR
    06-029 BNC - Phono adaptor, gold
    BNC female - Phono RCA goldplated male adaptor plug
    From 2,01 EUR
    HomeTheater Component video
    HomeTheater Component Video Kabel
    From 9,24 EUR
    Bose Controlpod
    BOSE Control Pod for Companion 50
    From 60,15 EUR
    DVI-D kabel
    Single Link DVI-D cable
    From 2,67 EUR
    Ruark Audio MRx, walnut
    Ruark Audio MRx connected wireless speaker
    From 401,25 EUR
    Triax TD 263, hvid
    Triax TD 263D FUGA antenna loop wall outlet, TV/FM
    From 13,26 EUR
    Skross World til USA adapter med USB
    Skross World to USA travel adapter with USB
    From 12,05 EUR
    Sonitus Decosorber Elite Quad 8 absorbent, black
    Sonitus Decosorber Elite Quad 8 absorber, black
    From 80,25 EUR
    BeoPlay leather handle for Beolit 15/17, natural
    Beoplay Handle for Beolit 15/17
    From 20,09 EUR
    Flic Find Your Phone
    Flic Single Find your phone button
    From 19,96 EUR
    Podspeakers MicroPod Bluetooth MKII, group
    Podspeakers MicroPod Bluetooth MKII active speaker
    From 160,63 EUR
    Podspeakers MiniPod Bluetooth MKII, group photo
    Podspeakers MiniPod Bluetooth MKII active speaker
    From 401,78 EUR
    Podspeakers BigPod MKIII, group photo
    Podspeakers BigPod MKIII speaker
    From 307,47 EUR
    JBL T205 in-ear hovedtelefoner, sort
    JBL T205 in-ear earbud headphones
    From 13,26 EUR
    Cobra Microtalk AM645 Walkie talkie
    Cobra MicroTalk AM645 Radio / Walkie Talkie
    From 52,12 EUR
    Sonitus Sharpfusor, white
    Sonitus Sharpfusor diffuser - Hvid
    From 133,84 EUR
    Sonitus Fourfusor, white
    Sonitus Fourfusor diffuser
    From 23,98 EUR
    DKT Comega antennekabel
    DKT Comega antenna cable
    From 5,22 EUR
    QC 3.0 USB-C oplader til bil
    QC 3.0 USB-C car charger
    From 17,28 EUR
    Emotiva BasX S12 subwoofer
    Emotiva BasX S12 subwoofer, 12"
    From 428,58 EUR
    Emotiva BasX S10 Subwoofer
    Emotiva BasX S10 subwoofer, 10"
    From 267,81 EUR
    Emotiva BasX S8 Subwoofer
    Emotiva BasX S8 subwoofer, 8"
    From 200,83 EUR
    Onkyo A-9150 integreret forstærker, sort
    Onkyo A-9150 integrated amplifier (2x 60 W, 4 Ohm)
    From 401,78 EUR
    Vogels Sound 5201 HEOS 3 vægbeslag, sort
    Vogels Sound 5203 wallbracket for Denon HEOS 3
    From 33,36 EUR
    Bose Revolve Plus bluetooth hojttaler, sort
    BOSE SoundLink Revolve Plus mobile Speaker
    From 306,66 EUR
    Tiny Audio M6 DAB+ adapter til anlæg
    Tiny Audio M6 DAB+ radio adapter
    From 73,55 EUR
    Tiny Audio Wide bordradio, sort
    Tiny Audio Wide DAB+ and Spotify adapter
    From 266,47 EUR
    F-stik antennekabel med vinklet stik
    F-stik antenna cable with angled F-Quick plug
    From 1,33 EUR
    F-stik antennekabel med vinklet stik
    F-stik antenna cable with angled F-Quick plug
    From 1,33 EUR
    F-stik antennekabel med push on stik
    F-stik antenna cable with F-Quick plugs
    From 1,33 EUR
    Composite video cable
    Composite video cable - SALE
    From 2,00 EUR
    VGA monitorkabel
    VGA Monitor Kabel
    From 4,01 EUR
    F-stik antennekabel
    F-plug antenna cable
    From 1,33 EUR
    Onkyo R-N855, silver
    Onkyo R-N855 stereo receiver
    From 467,43 EUR
    DeLock SATA Cable - Angle connector
    SATA 300 angled cables, right angled
    From 1,33 EUR
    Tivoli ART Orb hojttaler, hvid
    Tivoli Audio Orb ART wireless speaker
    From 247,72 EUR
    wall mount, black
    BOSE Omni Jewel Sattellite wall mount
    From 53,46 EUR
    wall mount center, black
    BOSE Omni Jewel Center wall mount
    From 26,66 EUR
    Speakon plug, 8 pole female
    Neutrik Speakon plug, 8 pin plug
    From 19,96 EUR
    USB 2.0 kabel A/B, gråt
    USB 2.0 kable
    From 1,07 EUR
    EDB 6-stik dåse med jord
    230V 6-way power distributor with DK DATA plug/sockets
    From 10,58 EUR
    Sonitus Decosorber Natur Serta 8, Natural Poplar
    Sonitus Decosorber Natur Serta 8 absorber
    From 66,85 EUR
    Pure Highway 400
    Pure Highway 400 DAB+ Car adapter
    From 120,44 EUR
    Sonitus Kicker
    Sonitus Kicker, drum absorber - SALE SAVE 50% ON RETAIL PRIC...
    From 10,58 EUR
    Sonitus Fourfusor, black
    Sonitus Fourfusor diffuser
    From 33,36 EUR
    Sonitus Decosorber Elite Quad 8, white
    Sonitus Decosorber Elite Quad 8 absorber, white
    From 80,25 EUR
    Sonitus Low Killer
    Sonitus Low Killer bass trap
    From 66,85 EUR
    Sonitus massive 6 strip, Natural Oak
    Sonitus Massive 6 Strip absorber
    From 160,63 EUR
    USB 2.0 cable, A-B, Blue
    USB 2.0 cable, coloured
    From 1,33 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 6 S/FTP, violet
    CAT 6 S-FTP screened network cable - Violet
    From 2,01 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e UTP, pink
    CAT 5e U-UTP network cable - Pink
    From 0,54 EUR
    VGA to DVI-I cable, 1.8 meter
    From 4,01 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F-UTP, Black
    CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Black - STOCK SALE
    From 1,47 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F-UTP, Purple
    CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Purple
    From 0,93 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F-UTP, Yellow
    CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Yellow
    From 0,93 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F-UTP, Red
    CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Red
    From 0,93 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F-UTP, Orange
    CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Orange
    From 0,93 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F-UTP, Green
    CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Green
    From 0,93 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F-UTP, Blue
    CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Blue - STOCK SALE
    From 0,93 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F-UTP, Gray
    CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Gray - STOCK SALE
    From 0,93 EUR
    LK Antennestik dåse til TV/FM, hvid
    LK TD301 bred antenna wall end-outlet for TV/FM
    From 19,96 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e UTP, purple
    CAT 5e U-UTP network cable - Purple
    From 0,80 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e UTP, orange
    CAT 5e U-UTP network cable - Orange
    From 0,80 EUR
    System Audio Saxo 70, sort
    System Audio Saxo 70 Floor speaker pair
    From 870,69 EUR
    WP-1023, USB lader vægdåse
    USB charger vægdåse
    From 22,64 EUR
    WP-1009, USB og Dobbelt Minijack
    USB A and dobbel Minijack wallplate (USB 2.0)
    From 26,66 EUR
    Skross 12-24V USB lader
    Skross dual USB 12-24V oplader (3,400mA)
    From 10,71 EUR
    Piega Classic 5.0, makassar
    PIEGA Classic 5.0 floorspeaker
    From 669,73 EUR
    3-vejs displayport splitter
    3-way Displayport splitter
    From 80,25 EUR
    inakustik Premium XS HDMI kabel
    Inakustik XS HDMI cable
    From 13,26 EUR
    Bose UB-20 II Adapter, black
    Bose UB-20 II adaptor
    From 6,56 EUR
    Thorens Dust 309
    Thorens Dust Cover for 209 and 309 models
    From 106,51 EUR
    Otical network cable, SC-ST OM2
    SC to ST duplex fibre optic cable, OM2
    From 5,22 EUR
    Otical network cable, LC-ST OM2
    LC to ST duplex fibre optic cable, OM2
    From 5,22 EUR
    Beoplay leather strap long, cognac
    Beoplay Leather strap for B&O PLAY A2
    From 19,96 EUR
    SVS Front Grill, White
    SVS Front grill for SB1000
    From 33,36 EUR
    Triax TD 304 OPUS® antenna loop wall outlet, TV/FM
    From 11,92 EUR
    Piega M8 spikes - 8 pak
    PIEGA Spikes M8, chrome - 8 pc.
    From 80,25 EUR
    System Audio Mantra 5, valnød
    System Audio Mantra 5 bookshelf speaker, valnut
    From 240,48 EUR
    Supra USB forlænger kabel (A - A)
    SUPRA USB 2.0 Audio extender Cable
    From 21,30 EUR
    Dynaudio Xeo Link
    Dynaudio Link
    From 133,84 EUR
    GB-9078X, white
    Corner piece, 33 mm.
    From 2,55 EUR
    TX-15706X Triax CAT 6 U/UTP cable
    Triax CAT 6 UTP network cable - White
    From 3,34 EUR
    Triax fjernbetjening til C-HD207
    Triax Remote for S/C-HD 207
    From 19,96 EUR
    Thorens rem
    Thorens belt for most turntables
    From 26,66 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 6 S/FTP, gray
    CAT 6 S-FTP screened network cable - Gray
    From 2,01 EUR
    LDY4147x Mini Displayport to VGA
    Lindy Displayport Mini to VGA converter cable
    From 26,66 EUR
    Thorsman cable clips - 100 pack
    From 4,68 EUR
    Dynaudio Stand 6, black
    Dynaudio Stand 6
    From 267,28 EUR
    Tivoli Audio Music System, valnød
    Tivoli Audio Music System+
    From 669,73 EUR
    Vogels PFD 8541
    Vogels Pro PFD 8541 monitor desk mount, floating with 2 arm
    From 200,83 EUR
    AV-Advance F-stik
    AV-advance High-end F-connector, metal plug for soldering
    From 2,00 EUR
    AV-Advance RF Vinkel han stik
    AV-advance angled antenna plug
    From 1,60 EUR
    AV-Advance RF han stik
    AV-advance antenna plug
    From 1,33 EUR
    AV-Advance RF hun stik
    AV-advance antenna socket
    From 1,33 EUR
    Soldering tip 1.6 mm
    Soldering tip for butane gas powered soldering iron
    From 1,33 EUR
    Atacama Mass loading plate to Nexus
    Atacama Audio Mass loading plate til Nexus/Duo stands
    From 26,66 EUR
    Atacama Audio SL 500 Stands
    Atacama Audio SL speaker stands
    From 133,84 EUR
    Lindy FireWire 4-6
    Lindy 4-6 pins Firewire cable
    From 6,56 EUR
    07-56x Antenna cable, angled, black
    Angled antenna cable, black
    From 1,33 EUR
    07-55x Antenna cable, white
    Antenna cable
    From 2,67 EUR
    Projecta HomeScreen 16:9
    Projecta HomeScreen 16:9 Fixed Frame screen - Mat white, gai...
    From 401,78 EUR
    DKT Comega antenna angle plug
    From 2,00 EUR
    DKT Comega antenna IEC 90 deg. angle female connector, screw...
    From 2,00 EUR
    Replacement blades for safety knife (for 62-028)
    From 1,33 EUR
    All-round security knife with auto load function
    From 5,35 EUR
    DeLock SATA Cable - Angle connector
    SATA 300 angled cables, left angled
    From 1,60 EUR
    Atacama Top Spikes
    Atacama Audio Spikes for top shelf of Atacama SL speaker sta...
    From 13,26 EUR
    01-04x MiniDIN male
    MiniDIN S-Video 3-pin plug plast
    From 2,67 EUR
    Mini DVI to VGA female adaptor
    From 6,56 EUR
    Mini DVI to DVI female adaptor
    From 6,56 EUR
    PS2 Keyboard/Mouse extention Cable
    From 2,67 EUR
    Goobay USB 2.0 A-B certified cable
    High Speed certificiet USB 2.0 cabel
    From 1,33 EUR
    Bosscom cable cover - Large, alu
    Aluminium cable cover, 50 mm. - Alu
    From 38,72 EUR
    MasterLink IHC Net, hvidt
    MasterLink IHC Net Cable for B&O
    From 57,47 EUR
    B&O Datalink Kabel
    DataLink cables for B&O cable
    From 53,46 EUR
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