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Due to large sale and returns, purchase of wholesale stock lots and product lifecycle exchanges, we always have lots of quality products at low sale prices!

  • Campaign/limited offers are different stock lots at spot prices, specific brand campaigns, or introduction offers
  • Bundle deals are combined product bundles with great savings, due to the purchase of multiple products. Please feel free to contact us for individual requests.
  • Inventory and EOL sale, are either discontinued products (end-of-life), or just inventory clearance at extra low prices.
  • B-stock items are various products, e.g. products that has been opened and displayed/tested or demonstrated, or with damaged packaging, or simple customer returned products due to order cancellation. All products are of course tested/checked and approved before sold again.
  • Campaign offers
    Campaign offers
    Product bundles
    Product bundles
    Inventory- and EOL sale
    Inventory- and EOL sale
    Demo- and returned products
    Demo- and returned products

    REMARK: The offers can be limited, so please do not hessitate to buy it when you like it!

    Campaign- and intro offers

    JBL Clip 4 bluetooth speaker, all
    JBL Clip 4 Bluetooth speaker
    From 53,59 EUR
    B&O Beosound A1 2nd Gen, sort
    B&O Beosound A1 2nd Gen speaker
    From 240,26 EUR
    SACKit CHARGEit stand, black
    SACKit CHARGEit Stand wireless QI charger and powerbank
    From 80,45 EUR
    Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit DC SB recordplayer, white
    Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB DC recordplayer (2M-Red pick...
    From 442,52 EUR
    Pro-Ject Debut III Rolling Stones Limited Edition
    Pro-Ject Debut III Rolling Stones turntable (Ortofon OM-10 p...
    From 335,08 EUR
    Pro-Ject Essential III Hans Theessink
    Pro-Ject Essential III Hans Theessink record player
    From 402,23 EUR
    One For All WM 7471 Tripod TV floorstand - WM 7471 and WM 7472
    One For All WM Tripod TV floor stand
    From 268,47 EUR
    JBL FLIP 5 ECO bluetooth speaker, forest
    JBL FLIP 5 Eco Wireless Bluetooth speaker
    From 114,02 EUR
    Panasonic HZ980 4K OLED TV
    Panasonic HZ980 4K OLED TV
    From 2.148,67 EUR
    Polk Audio S20e bookshelf speaker - White
    Polk Audio S20e bookshelf speaker
    From 268,47 EUR
    Polk Audio PSW 10e subwoofer - Front side
    Polk Audio PSW 10e subwoofer
    From 187,89 EUR
    Lenco LPJ-500 projector with DVD player - Side remote
    Lenco LPJ-500 projector with DVD player
    From 120,74 EUR
    Lenco LED-1922BK 19
    Lenco 19" HD LED TV (12V + 230V)
    From 174,46 EUR
    Jamo DS2
    Jamo DS2 bluetooth speaker
    From 13,30 EUR
    Buddy Phones POP BT headphones, black
    Buddy Phones POP BT headphones for kids
    From 33,44 EUR
    JBL Bar 2.0 soundbar
    JBL Bar 2.0 soundbar
    From 201,32 EUR
    System Audio Saxo 60 floorstanding speaker, white satin
    System Audio Saxo 60 Floor speaker
    From 1.074,27 EUR
    Audio-Technica AT-LP5X turntable
    From 349,05 EUR
    B&O Play H4 Gen2 headphone, limestone
    B&O Beoplay H4 2nd Gen wireless headphones
    From 241,61 EUR
    JAYS m-Six Wireless sport headphones, black/black
    JAYS m-Six Wireless Sport in-ear headphones
    From 33,44 EUR
    JAYS a-Seven wireless on-ear headphones, grey
    JAYS a-Seven Wireless on-ear headphones, gray
    From 40,16 EUR
    JBL Reflect Flow sports headphones, teal
    JBL Reflect Flow in-ear sports headphones
    From 134,17 EUR
    SACKit BOOMit, black
    SACKit BOOMit speaker
    From 134,17 EUR
    SACKit MOVEit X, Chrome
    SACKit MOVEit X Bluetooth speaker
    From 107,31 EUR
    Neets Sound Bar - SB1 - Front
    Neets SB1-B Soundbar
    From 469,92 EUR
    Onkyo TX-SR494 surround receiver, sort
    Onkyo TX-SR494 surround receiver
    From 401,42 EUR
    JBL LIVE 400BT on-ear hovedtelefoner, alle farver
    JBL LIVE400BT wireless on-ear headphones
    From 73,73 EUR
    SACKit CHARGEit power bank, navy
    SACKit CHARGEit power bank and QI charger, 10W (6000mAh)
    From 49,56 EUR
    JBL Reflect Mini 2 sports øretelefoner, sort
    JBL Reflect Mini 2 in-ear headphones
    From 53,59 EUR
    Klipsch Reference R-51PM aktiv højttaler, sort
    Klipsch Reference R-51PM active bookshelf speaker
    From 536,53 EUR
    Vogels WALL 3245 vægbeslag med drejefunktion, sort
    Vogels WALL 3245 TV wall support with turn and tilt
    From 134,17 EUR
    Ruark Audio R2 MK3, white
    Ruark Audio R2 MK3 FM/DAB+/internet radio with Bluetooth and...
    From 402,23 EUR
    Vogels NEXT OP1 TV stand, lifestyle
    Vogels Next OP1 TV furniture
    From 631,08 EUR
    Pure Evoke H3 DAB+ radio, eeg
    Pure Evoke H3 DAB+ / FM radio
    From 127,45 EUR
    Pure Evoke H6 DAB+ radio, sort
    Pure Evoke H6 DAB+ / FM radio
    From 201,32 EUR
    BuddyPhones Explore foldbar børnehovedtelefoner, alle
    Buddy Phones Explore foldable headphones for kids
    From 20,01 EUR
    Pro-Ject George Harrison
    Pro-Ject Essential III George Harrison recordplayer
    From 402,23 EUR
    Pure Evoke H4, walnut
    Pure Evoke H4 DAB+ / FM radio
    From 167,74 EUR
    Pro-Ject VT-E L, all
    Pro-Ject VT-E BT vertical turntable
    From 267,93 EUR
    L-3808, white
    Lenco L-3808 turntable
    From 181,17 EUR
    SVS SB2000
    SVS SB-2000 subwoofer
    From 671,37 EUR
    Maximum XO-R2 Twin rod LNB
    Maximum XO-R2 Twin Rod LNB, Universal Twin LNB (1 pos/2 user...
    From 7,92 EUR
    SACKit TOUCHit over-ear headphones, black
    SACKit TOUCHit over-ear Noice Cancelling headphones
    From 107,31 EUR
    Beoplay E8 3.0 in-ear, gold tone
    B&O Beoplay E8 3.0 wireless in-ear headphones
    From 268,47 EUR
    Piega TMicro 60 AMT hojttaler, silver/silver
    PIEGA TMicro 60 AMT gulvshelf speaker
    From 1.342,87 EUR
    Pro-Ject Phono Box E, white
    Pro-Ject Phono Box E - RIAA pre-amplifier (MM)
    From 63,79 EUR
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