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An audio diffuser is used to spread the sound reflections in the room, thereby avoiding stationary waves. Achieve better acoustics with sound diffuser panels and bass traps.

Unlike sound-absorbing panels, which reduce reverberation, diffuser panels can help spread sound more evenly throughout the room and avoid sharp reflections.

Diffuser panels can have different shapes and sizes and are often made from materials such as wood or plastic. The panels have special patterns and surfaces that are designed to break up the sound and spread it in different directions. When placed on the wall or ceiling of a room, diffuser panels can help create a more natural and open sound experience. They can improve sound quality by reducing standing waves and reflections that can disrupt the sound experience.

Diffuser panels are often used in music and sound studios as they can help create a more accurate sound when the music or sound is played. They can also be used in home theaters or other rooms where a smoother and more natural sound is needed.

When choosing diffuser panels, it is important to consider both functionality and aesthetics. The panels must match the interior design of the room and at the same time meet the necessary acoustic requirements. There are different types of diffuser panels that can be adapted to different room sizes and sound needs.

Artnovion Diffuser
Artnovion Avalon Flow 1
Artnovion Avalon Flow I Hybrid Absorber-Diffuser
Prices from 450,44 EUR
Artnovion Avalon Flow 2
Artnovion Avalon Flow II Hybrid Absorber-Diffuser
Prices from 450,44 EUR
Artnovion Avalon Flow 3
Artnovion Avalon Flow III Hybrid Absorber-Diffuser
Prices from 450,44 EUR
Artnovion Avalon Flow 4
Artnovion Avalon Flow IV Hybrid Absorber-Diffuser
Prices from 450,44 EUR
Artnovion Avalon Flow 5
Artnovion Avalon Flow V Hybrid Absorber-Diffuser
Prices from 450,44 EUR
Artnovion Lagos
Artnovion Lagos W Diffuser, Wood
Prices from 1.595,66 EUR
Artnovion Lugano W
Artnovion Lugano W Diffuser
Prices from 1.238,95 EUR
Artnovion Alps W
Artnovion Alps W Diffuser
Prices from 724,01 EUR
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Sonitus massive 6 strip, Natural Oak
Sonitus Massive 6 Strip absorber
Prices from 133,97 EUR


More info about Sound defuser

Standing waves is something that can be quite a struggle to ensure good acoustics in sound, Hi-Fi and home cinema. It is most often experienced as the bass being too strong or disappearing at low frequencies, also called bass zones.

It is often experienced when placing the subwoofer or just generally when playing music with a strong bass, or watching films. If you sit in one place, there is a high level of bass, and in another the bass is almost non-existent - or i.e. it can be felt, but not heard.

However, standing waves are an indirect problem for good sound in all frequency ranges, which is why good acoustics are often achieved by using a combination of absorbers, diffusers and bass traps, if you really want to go for it.

How do bass zones occur?

What happens is that low frequencies have long sound waves, and these can easily cancel each other out in smaller rooms, if the walls and ceilings are parallel (as they often is). Thereby, the sound wave will be reflected back and forth, thereby forming a pattern and in many cases canceling itself out in certain areas.

How to avoid standing waves and bass zones?

To avoid standing waves and bass zones effectively, you can design the room so that there are no parallel surfaces. However, it can be a challenge in most places, so here subwoofer placement is important, as well as possibly have multiple subwoofers. Since low frequencies are acoustically amplified in corners, it would therefore be advantageous to place a number of bass absorbers (basfælder/bass traps ) in one or more corners, to prevent unwanted dominance of the bass in a room.

Most subwoofers are equipped with a phase shift option, but this function is only to avoid incorrect interaction/alignment of the sound between other subwoofers or speakers in the room. Unfortunately, the phase shift function cannot correct poor acoustics and the effect of standing waves on the sound in the room.

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