Product selection with HDMI 2.0 - 4K UHD (up til 18 Gbit/s)
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Product selection with HDMI 2.0 - 4K UHD (up til 18 Gbit/s)

HDMI 2.0 - 4K UHD (up til 18 Gbit/s)

The product is ready and compatible with the newest version of Ultra HD with 4K 60 Hz support including HDCP 2.2, which is a technology for preventing illegal copying of 4K UHD content. Every piece of equipment in a setup must support HDCP 2.2 for a signal with this coding to pass through.

CalDigit Thunderbolt 3 mini dock with dual DisplayPort
From 167,74 EUR
CalDigit Thunderbolt 3 mini dock with dual HDMI
From 167,74 EUR
DeLOCK USB Type-C to HDMI 4K 60 Hz
From 44,18 EUR
Epson EH-LS500W 4K PRO-UHD 3LCD projector
From 2.887,32 EUR
Epson EH-TW7100 4K PRO-UHD LCD projektor
From 1.812,92 EUR
Epson EH-TW7400 Projector
From 1.944,53 EUR
Epson EH-TW9400 Projektor
From 2.927,07 EUR
Inakustik Excellence Profi HDMI cable (without plugs)
From 13,30 EUR
Inakustik Optical HDMI 2.0 cable
From 127,45 EUR
Inakustik Profi HDMI-Micro 2.0 cable (HDMI A/D - A/D)
From 268,47 EUR
Lindy 16-way HDMI 2.0 splitter
From 389,34 EUR
Lindy 2 Port KVM Switch with Displayport, USB 2.0 and Audio
From 140,88 EUR
Lindy 2 Port KVM Switch with HDMI, USB 2.0 and Audio
From 107,31 EUR
Lindy 4K Multi-Format Conference Table Switch
From 375,91 EUR
Lindy 4K Multi-Format Presentation Switch
From 261,75 EUR
Lindy HDMI 2.0 18G Signal Analyser and Generator
From 436,34 EUR
Lindy HDMI 2.0 splitter
From 46,87 EUR
Lindy HDMI 2.0 Switch
From 71,04 EUR
Lindy HDMI 2.0 to DisplayPort 1.2 Converter
From 241,61 EUR
Lindy Mini DisplayPort 1.2 to HDMI, DP, DVI or VGA
From 46,87 EUR
Lindy Mini DisplayPort to HDMI/DVI/VGA
From 33,44 EUR
Lindy Thunderbolt 3 docking station
From 389,34 EUR
Lindy USB-C 3.2 to DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI or VGA
From 45,53 EUR
Mini DisplayPort/HDMIT adapter cable, gold-plated
From 14,64 EUR
Onkyo HT-S5915 Dolby Atmos surround receiver and speaker sys...
From 805,67 EUR
Onkyo TX-NR696 surround receiver
From 670,02 EUR
Onkyo TX-RZ740 surround receiver
From 1.005,77 EUR
Onkyo TX-RZ840 surround receiver
From 1.207,22 EUR
Panasonic GZ950 4K OLED TV
From 2.282,97 EUR
Panasonic HX830 4K HDR TV
From 805,67 EUR
Panasonic HX900 4K HDR TV
From 1.074,27 EUR
Panasonic HZ980 4K OLED TV
From 2.148,67 EUR
SONY VPL-VW270ES projector
From 5.370,52 EUR
SONY VPL-VW590ES projector
From 7.386,37 EUR
SONY VPL-VW790ES projector
From 12.086,87 EUR
SONY VPL-VW870ES projector
From 26.187,02 EUR
USB-C multiport adapter (USB-C male to HDM, USB-C female)
From 30,75 EUR
USB-C to HDMI adapter
From 22,70 EUR
Vivolink 8-way HDMI 2.0 splitter
From 443,06 EUR
Vivolink DisplayPort to HDMI cable
From 46,87 EUR
Vivolink HDBaseT HDMI 2.0 KVM extender 100m
From 805,67 EUR
Vivolink HDBaseT HDMI 2.0 matrix scaler (4 in - 2 out)
From 2.820,17 EUR
Vivolink HDMI 2.0 switch 4x1
From 241,61 EUR
Vivolink HDMI adapter ring with cable
From 261,75 EUR
Vivolink HDMI adapter ring with USB-C and Lightning adapter
From 234,89 EUR
Vivolink HDMI Repeater w/Audio Out
From 120,74 EUR
Yamaha Aventage CX-A5200 surround processor
From 2.684,52 EUR
Yamaha RX-A1080 Aventage 7.2 surround receiver
From 1.475,82 EUR
Yamaha RX-A2080 Aventage 9.2 surround receiver
From 1.878,72 EUR
Yamaha RX-A3080 Aventage 9.2 surround receiver
From 2.550,22 EUR
Yamaha RX-A880 Aventage 7.2 AV surround receiver
From 1.180,36 EUR
Yamaha RX-D485 DAB+ surround receiver
From 455,14 EUR
Yamaha RX-V385 surround receiver
From 373,22 EUR
Yamaha RX-V485 network surround receiver
From 441,71 EUR
Yamaha RX-V685 network surround receiver
From 602,87 EUR
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