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Product selection with Waranty - 3 years

Waranty - 3 years

This product is subject to a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. The guarantee is given on the basis of the product's exceptionally high quality and to provide security for years to come.

Epson EB-1485Fi interactive laser projector

5000 Lm


Price  4.028,87 EUR
Epson EB-L200SW WXGA Laser data projector

3800 Lm


Price  1.745,77 EUR
Epson EB-L530U WUXGA Laser projector

5200 Lm

Price  2.417,27 EUR
Epson EB-L630U WUXGA Laser projector

6200 Lm

Price  3.357,37 EUR
Epson EB-L730U WUXGA Laser projector

7000 Lm

Price  3.625,97 EUR
Panasonic All Inclusive Budget 43" LED TV (DK local store ar...
Price  671,37 EUR
Panasonic All Inclusive Premium 43" LED TV (DK local store a...
Price  1.208,57 EUR
Panasonic All Inclusive Premium 48" OLED TV (DK local store ...
Price  1.745,77 EUR
Panasonic All Inclusive Premium 49" LED TV (DK local store a...
Price  1.342,87 EUR
Panasonic All Inclusive Premium 55" OLED TV (DK local store ...
Price  2.014,37 EUR
Pure Avalon N5 BT FM/DAB+ Radio
Price  214,75 EUR
Pure DiscovR Smart speaker with AIRPLAY 2
Price  134,17 EUR
Pure Elan Connect internet and FM/DAB+ radio
Price  75,07 EUR
Pure Elan DAB+ and FM radio
Price  80,45 EUR
Pure Evoke C-D4 DAB+ / FM radio with Bluetooth and CD
Price  267,12 EUR
Pure Evoke C-F6 BT stereo system
Price  482,00 EUR
Pure Evoke F3 DAB+ / FM / Internet radio with bluetooth
Price  201,32 EUR
Pure Evoke H3 DAB+ / FM radio
Price  132,82 EUR
Pure Evoke H4 DAB+ / FM radio
Price  208,03 EUR
Pure Evoke H6 DAB+ / FM radio
Price  200,78 EUR
Pure Evoke Home all-in-one music system
Price  389,34 EUR
Pure Evoke Play music system
Price  267,12 EUR
Pure Siesta Charge Bluetooth / DAB+ / FM clock radio
Price  132,82 EUR
Pure Siesta Rise DAB+ / FM clock radio
Price  105,96 EUR
SONOS AMP streaming amplifier
Price  804,46 EUR
SONOS Arc soundbar
Price  980,26 EUR
SONOS Arc Soundbar with One SL
Price  1.374,83 EUR
SONOS Arc Soundbar with Sub
Price  1.811,44 EUR
SONOS Arc Soundbar with Sub and Era 100
Price  2.347,03 EUR
SONOS Arc Soundbar with Sub and Era 300
Price  2.755,30 EUR
SONOS Arc Soundbar with Sub and One SL
Price  2.242,68 EUR
SONOS Beam Gen2 soundbar
Price  463,20 EUR
SONOS Beam Soundbar with Sub
Price  1.364,89 EUR
SONOS Beam with One SL
Price  898,06 EUR
SONOS Beam with Sub and One SL
Price  1.745,77 EUR
SONOS Beam with Sub Mini - 3.1 system
Price  988,45 EUR
SONOS Beam with Sub Mini and One SL
Price  1.396,59 EUR
Price  120,74 EUR
Price  281,90 EUR
Price  496,78 EUR
SONOS Five loudspeaker
Price  604,22 EUR
SONOS Five loudspeaker - Stereo pack
Price  1.208,43 EUR
SONOS Move wireless loudspeaker
Price  456,49 EUR
SONOS One + Sub - 2.1 stereo system
Price  1.299,89 EUR
SONOS One Gen2 - Smart speaker
Price  199,84 EUR
SONOS One Gen2 - Stereo pack
Price  426,54 EUR
SONOS One SL - Stereo bundle
Price  382,49 EUR
SONOS One SL loudspeaker
Price  183,86 EUR
SONOS One with Sub Mini - 2.1 loudspeaker system
Price  898,06 EUR
SONOS Port kit for B&O
Price  469,92 EUR
SONOS Port multiroom streaming player
Price  456,49 EUR
SONOS Ray soundbar
Price  261,21 EUR
Price  698,23 EUR
SONOS Ray with Sub Mini - 3.1 system
Price  765,24 EUR
SONOS Ray with Sub Mini and One SL - 5.1 surround system
Price  1.208,16 EUR
SONOS Roam SL speaker
Price  181,17 EUR
SONOS Roam speaker
Price  200,11 EUR
SONOS Sub Gen3 active wireless subwoofer
Price  899,68 EUR
SONOS Sub Mini wireless active subwoofer
Price  503,49 EUR
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