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Product selection with LTe Protected

LTe Protected

This product is protected from LTE signals, which can disrupt digital TV broadcasting.

LTE700 antenna for DVB-T/DAB/FM (active 40 dB)
Price  33,44 EUR
LTE700 indoor antenna for DVB-T/DAB/FM (active 28 dB)
Price  24,04 EUR
Macab DCA2000 LTE700 DVB-T/DAB/FM antenna, 40 dB
Price  104,62 EUR
Televes antenna angle plug
Price  3,36 EUR
Televes antenna angle socket
Price  3,36 EUR
Televes antenna IEC angle Push-on F-connector
Price  2,55 EUR
Televes Bexia LTE700 indoor DVB-T/DAB antenna
Price  60,30 EUR
Televes DAT Boss DVB-T antenna LTE700
Price  104,62 EUR
Televes DAT Boss LR DVB-T antenna LTE700
Price  118,05 EUR
Televes DiNova Boss Mix LTE700 outdoor DVB-T/DAB+ antenna
Price  201,32 EUR
Televes Ellipse active DVB-T antenna LTE700
Price  132,82 EUR
Televes Innova LTE700 indoor DVB-T antenna
Price  92,53 EUR
Televes LTE700 UHF/DVB-T panel antenna, 4 dipoles, passive, ...
Price  87,16 EUR
Televes NanoKom outdoor LTE700 mast head amplifier 2x UHF/DV...
Price  53,59 EUR
Televes NanoKom outdoor LTE700 mast head amplifier UHF/DVB-T...
Price  48,21 EUR
Televes NanoKom outdoor LTE700 mast head amplifier UHF/DVB-T...
Price  46,87 EUR
Triax Digi 10 DVB-T antenna LTE700
Price  24,04 EUR
Triax Digi 14 DVB-T antenna LTE700
Price  37,47 EUR
Triax Digi 343 DVB-T antenna LTE700
Price  48,21 EUR
Triax Digi Grid DVB-T flat panel aerial antenna LTE700
Price  49,56 EUR
Triax MFA 657 outdoor LTE700 mast antenna amplifier, 20-35 d...
Price  40,16 EUR
Triax MFC 401 UHF/DVB-T + VHF/FM/DAB + SAT band combiner fil...
Price  26,73 EUR
Triax Tertek LTE700 flagpole III DVB-T/FM/DAB antenna (activ...
Price  295,33 EUR
Triax TIA 720 indoor antenne DVB-T/DAB/FM (active 20 dB)
Price  34,78 EUR
Triax TLP 046 LTE700 K46 band stop filter (5-678 MHz)
Price  6,58 EUR
Triax TLP 048 LTE700 K48 band stop filter (5-694 MHz)
Price  13,30 EUR
Triax TLP 148 LTE700 K48 band stop filter (5-694 MHz)
Price  13,30 EUR
Triax UFO 170 LTE700 antenna for DVB-T/FM/DAB+ antenna (acti...
Price  52,24 EUR
Triax Unix 100 DVB-T antenna LTE700
Price  80,45 EUR
Triax Unix 32 DVB-T antenna LTE700
Price  53,59 EUR
Triax Unix 52 DVB-T antenna LTE700
Price  53,59 EUR
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