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Due to large sale and returns, purchase of wholesale stock lots and product lifecycle exchanges, we always have lots of quality products at low sale prices!

  • Campaign/limited offers are different stock lots at spot prices, specific brand campaigns, or introduction offers
  • Bundle deals are combined product bundles with great savings, due to the purchase of multiple products. Please feel free to contact us for individual requests.
  • Inventory and EOL sale, are either discontinued products (end-of-life), or just inventory clearance at extra low prices.
  • B-stock items are various products, e.g. products that has been opened and displayed/tested or demonstrated, or with damaged packaging, or simple customer returned products due to order cancellation. All products are of course tested/checked and approved before sold again.
  • Campaign offers
    Campaign offers
    Product bundles
    Product bundles
    Inventory- and EOL sale
    Inventory- and EOL sale
    Demo- and returned products
    Demo- and returned products

    REMARK: The offers can be limited, so please do not hessitate to buy it when you like it!

    Inventory and EOL sale

    Triax 370721 HDMI
    Triax Standard Speed HDMI cable, 20 meter
    From 13,25 EUR
    DeLock SATA forlænger kabel
    DeLOCK SATA extension cable
    From 2,54 EUR
    ON HDMI kabel - Package
    High Speed HDMI cable, 2 meter
    From 3,88 EUR
    Nedis Antenneforstærker med returvej, 28 dB
    Line antenna amplifier, 28 dB, adjustable slope and gain
    From 40,01 EUR
    eKids Disney hovedtelefoner, Frost
    Disney Frozen headphones, 3-9 years
    From 29,31 EUR
    eKids Disney hovedtelefoner, Frost
    Disney Frozen headphones, 9-15 years
    From 30,65 EUR
    Mini Displayport til HDMI kabel
    Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable
    From 11,91 EUR
    Hegel RC10 fjernbetjening
    Hegel RC10 remote controll
    From 23,96 EUR
    Qi PowerBank 4000 mAh
    Qi PowerbBank (4000 mAh)
    From 19,94 EUR
    Piega wallmount, small (TMicro-3)
    PIEGA wallbracket for Tmicro 3
    From 66,78 EUR
    Clicktronic Casual VGA cable with 3.5 mm Jack
    ClickTronic VGA monitor cable with audio
    From 19,94 EUR
    Onkyo HT-S5805
    Onkyo HT-S5805 Dolby Atmos surround package
    From 600,75 EUR
    Maximum XO-64 Monoblock Quad 6° LNB
    From 40,01 EUR
    Lauritz Knudsen montageramme m/låg, grå
    LK Actassi® frame with protection cover
    From 1,33 EUR
    SATA 300 cable
    From 0,66 EUR
    Phono kabel
    Phono RCA mono/subwoofer cable
    From 7,90 EUR
    Klipsch RP250S, black
    Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-250S surround speaker
    From 267,52 EUR
    CAT 6 S-FTP udendørs netværkskabel
    CAT 6 S-FTP outdoor network cable (Solid, CU), 100 m.
    From 80,16 EUR
    JBL Link 500 smart højtaler, hvid
    JBL LINK 500 smart speaker
    From 334,44 EUR
    JBL Link 10 smart højtaler, hvid
    JBL LINK 10 wireless smart speaker
    From 120,31 EUR
    SVS Prime Wireless speaker system
    SVS Prime wireless speaker
    From 535,18 EUR
    DVI-D kabel
    Single Link DVI-D cable
    From 2,67 EUR
    Podspeakers strømforsyning
    Podspeakers power supply for MicroPod BT + old MiniPod BT
    From 13,25 EUR
    HDMI kabel med 270 graders vinklet stik
    HDMI cable with 270 angled plug
    From 13,25 EUR
    Philips Hue Color GU10
    Philips Hue Color GU10 LED bulb
    From 48,04 EUR
    3.5 mm stereo MiniJack hun
    3.5 mm MiniJack stereo female plug
    From 1,33 EUR
    Sonitus Decosorber Massive EVA, mahogni
    Sonitus Decosorber Massive EVA absorber - mahagony
    From 133,69 EUR
    Podspeakers aluminium spikes for MicroPod, Soft silver
    Podspeakers Spikes Aluminium for MicroPod
    From 6,56 EUR
    Podspeakers aluminium hoop, soft silver
    Podspeakers Hoop Aluminium for MiniPod
    From 6,56 EUR
    Podspeakers The Drop, loft beslag
    Podspeakers Ceiling mount for The Drop
    From 66,78 EUR
    Sonitus Acoustics Ovulum
    Sonitus Ovulum Pro absorber
    From 66,78 EUR
    Sonitus Massive 6 Strip, Ebony
    Sonitus Massive 6 Strip absorber
    From 200,61 EUR
    Bose Charging case for Soundsport, black
    BOSE SoundSport charging case
    From 40,01 EUR
    Sonitus BigFusor I, black
    Sonitus Bigfusor I diffuser - Black
    From 200,61 EUR
    Emotiva SP-1 RIAA forforstærker
    Emotiva SP-1 PHONO preamplifier
    From 267,52 EUR
    Emotiva Big EGO DAC
    Emotiva Big EGO headphone USB DAC
    From 173,84 EUR
    SoundXtra Wall mount for SoundTouch 10, black
    SoundXtra Wall mount for SoundTouch 10
    From 26,63 EUR
    ClickTronic USB 3.0 kabel fra Type C til Micro B
    ClickTronic Casual USB 3.0 cable (Type C - Micro B)
    From 11,91 EUR
    Lindy Active USB 3.0 extension cable
    Lindy USB 3.2 Gen 1 active extension cable
    From 53,40 EUR
    F-stik antennekabel med vinklet stik
    F-stik antenna cable with angled F-Quick plug
    From 1,33 EUR
    Kabel til Bose® Quiet Comfort® 15 med inline mic/remote
    BOSE Audiocable for Quiet Comfort 15 - grey
    From 13,25 EUR
    Composite video cable
    Composite video cable
    From 2,00 EUR
    VGA monitorkabel
    VGA monitor cable - 0,5 m.
    From 2,67 EUR
    USB 3.0 Type A-A han
    USB 3.2 Gen 1 cable (Type A - A)
    From 2,67 EUR
    DeLock SATA Cable - Angle connector
    SATA 300 angled cable, right angled
    From 0,66 EUR
    LK FUGA® twist light dimmer MEK-D 300CR
    From 36,00 EUR
    OPUS LK-1017027460
    LK OPUS® 66 underlay 1m 32 mm.
    From 5,35 EUR
    Vivolink USB A-A extension cable (male  female)
    Vivolink USB 2.0 A - USB A extension cable (male female)
    From 46,71 EUR
    inakustik HDMI repeater
    Inakustik HDMI 2.0 repeater
    From 40,01 EUR
    Bose Pro FreeSpace® DS 40F
    BOSE Pro FreeSpace DS 40F ceiling speaker, 8 Ohm/ 100V
    From 185,89 EUR
    USB 2.0 kabel A/B, gråt
    Cheap USB 2.0 kable, gray - Quantity discount
    From 1,07 EUR
    Sonitus Acoustics Hale 8, black
    Sonitus Decosorber Hale 8 absorber - Black
    From 93,55 EUR
    Sonitus Mic Stand
    Sonitus Kicker 2.0 mic stand
    From 13,25 EUR
    Sonitus Kicker 2.0
    Sonitus Kicker 2.0, drum absorber
    From 19,94 EUR
    Sonitus Kicker
    Sonitus Kicker, drum absorber - SALE SAVE 50% ON RETAIL PRIC...
    From 10,57 EUR
    Sonitus Pyramis Vilis
    Sonitus Pyramis Vilis absorber
    From 13,25 EUR
    Sonitus Fiber Panel, white
    Sonitus Fiber Panel absorber
    From 200,61 EUR
    Sonitus massive 6 strip, Natural Oak
    Sonitus Massive 6 Strip absorber
    From 200,61 EUR
    USB 2.0 cable, A-B, Blue
    USB 2.0 cable, coloured
    From 1,07 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F-UTP, Purple
    CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Purple
    From 0,93 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F-UTP, Yellow
    CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Yellow
    From 0,93 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F-UTP, Red
    CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Red
    From 0,93 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F-UTP, Orange
    CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Orange
    From 0,93 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F-UTP, Green
    CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Green
    From 0,93 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F-UTP, Blue
    CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Blue - STOCK SALE
    From 0,93 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 5e F-UTP, Gray
    CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Gray - STOCK SALE
    From 0,93 EUR
    WP-1023, USB lader vægdåse
    USB charger vægdåse
    From 13,25 EUR
    Unnu 211L AV design møbel - White
    UNNU 210L / 211L AV furniture
    From 267,52 EUR
    Inakustik Exellenz Profi HDMI kabel
    Inakustik Excellence Profi HDMI cable (without plugs)
    From 11,91 EUR
    Pro-Ject Cover It 1+1.2
    Pro-Ject Cover It dust cover
    From 52,86 EUR
    Otical network cable, SC-ST OM2
    SC to ST duplex fibre optic cable (OM2)
    From 3,88 EUR
    Otical network cable, LC-ST OM2
    LC to ST duplex fibre optic cable (OM2)
    From 2,54 EUR
    Otical network cable, ST-ST OM2
    ST to ST duplex fibre optic cable (OM2)
    From 2,54 EUR
    SVS Front Grill, White
    SVS Front grill for SB1000
    From 33,32 EUR
    No photo available
    PIEGA Speaker grill (Premium 1.2)
    From 26,63 EUR
    Selvlukkende kabelsok, hvid
    Self closing wrap, up to 38 mm. - White
    From 12,71 EUR
    Goobay Easy USB (A-B)
    Easy USB 2.0 cable (Type A - B)
    From 2,67 EUR
    Supra USB forlænger kabel (A - A)
    SUPRA USB 2.0 Audio extender Cable
    From 21,28 EUR
    Bose Lifestyle front speaker cable, sort
    Bose Front speaker cables (LCR)
    From 19,94 EUR
    Network cable, Cat 6 S/FTP, gray
    CAT 6 S-FTP screened network cable - Gray
    From 2,01 EUR
    Thorsman cable clips - 100 pack
    From 4,68 EUR
    Clicktronic Casual Mini Displayport to DVI cable
    Clicktronic Mini Displayport to DVI cable
    From 17,26 EUR
    Clicktronic Casual series Displayport
    Clicktronic DisplayPort cable
    From 25,29 EUR
    AV-Advance RF Vinkel han stik
    AV-advance angled antenna plug
    From 1,60 EUR
    AV-Advance RF han stik
    AV-advance antenna plug
    From 1,33 EUR
    AV-Advance RF hun stik
    AV-advance antenna socket
    From 1,33 EUR
    Triax Multi-block bracket incl 2 LNBs
    From 33,32 EUR
    Supra Quadrax Bi-amp speakercable
    SUPRA Quadrax Bi-amp speaker cable pair
    From 227,37 EUR
    Atacama Mass loading plate to Nexus
    Atacama Audio Mass loading plate til Nexus/Duo stands
    From 19,94 EUR
    Monitorkabel med 3.5mm lyd
    VGA Monitorcable with audio
    From 6,56 EUR
    Lindy FireWire 4-6
    Lindy 4-6 pins Firewire cable
    From 6,56 EUR
    07-56x Antenna cable, angled, black
    Angled antenna cable, black
    From 1,33 EUR
    Lindy Premium Gold VGA/XGA
    Lindy Gold VGA monitor cable
    From 26,63 EUR
    DeLock SATA Cable - Angle connector
    SATA 300 angled cable, left angled
    From 1,33 EUR
    Atacama Top Spikes
    Atacama Audio Spikes for top shelf of Atacama SL speaker sta...
    From 13,25 EUR
    Mini DVI to VGA female adapter
    From 6,56 EUR
    60-003 Safety wire
    König PC chainlock for laptop
    From 3,21 EUR
    Clicktronic Casual series DVI-D
    Clicktronic Dual-Link DVI-D Cable
    From 13,25 EUR
    Goobay USB 2.0 A-B certified cable
    High Speed certificiet USB 2.0 cabel
    From 1,33 EUR
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