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Tilbud og restsalg

AV-Connection tilbud og udsalgHos AV-Connection er der altid mulighed for at finde nogle gode tilbud. Vi har et stort salg og derfor også løbende udskiftninger i hvad vi lagerfører, samt vi ofte opkøber restpartier og derfor vil der altid være noget spændende i tilbudslisten. Se nogle af de aktuelle tilbud i listen nedenunder.

God tilbudsjagt!

Se aktuelle demovarer på udsalg hos AV-Connection Odense og AV-Connection Sønderborg.

Tilbuds sektioner

Demo- og returvarer Video Audio Antenna Decor & mounts Cables Lighting & electricity

Active HDMI kabel
From 65,67 EUR
All-round security knife with auto load function
From 6,58 EUR
Standard quality HDMI cable with network to a very cheap price! High-speed approved up to 5 meter.
Cheap HDMI cable
From 2,01 EUR Standard quality HDMI cable with network to a very cheap price! High-speed approved up to 5 meter.
DVI to DFP Adaptor
From 13,30 EUR
eSATA to SATA coupler with sockets in both ends.
eSATA to SATA adaptor
From 2,55 EUR eSATA to SATA coupler with sockets in both ends.
Flat HDMI cable
From 3,89 EUR
HD Gear 2x HDMI kabel and adaptor kit - UDSALG
From 24,04 EUR
HD Gear HDMI + Toslink kabel and adaptor kit - UDSALG
From 10,61 EUR
HD gear Toslink cable - SALE
From 17,32 EUR
High-quality BNC Connector for soldering
From 7,92 EUR
Home Theatre Scart to S-VHS and 2 x RCA
From 13,30 EUR
Phono RCA Y-splitadaptor (2x Phono han > 1x Phono hun)
From 2,55 EUR
RGB-HV cable (5x 75 Ohm Coax)
From 4,03 EUR
SATA to Molex power adaptor cable, 15 cm.
From 1,21 EUR
SC to SC duplex fibre optic cable, OM2
From 9,27 EUR
S-Video to S-Video + composite (S-Video 6 pins male <--> S-V...
From 3,89 EUR
Thomson antenna cable (Ø 5 mm) - 25 meter - SALE
From 6,58 EUR
USB 2.0 cable (Type A - Micro A)
From 2,55 EUR
USB 2.0 Cable, 1 meter - SALE
From 1,21 EUR
USB 50x75 wall plate for LK FUGA®
From 25,38 EUR
VGA monitor extender cable
From 6,58 EUR
VGA to DVI-I cable, 1.8 meter
From 3,89 EUR
AV-advance 6.3 mm. Jack - Phono RCA mono audio cable
From 24,04 EUR
AV-advance angled antenna plug
From 2,01 EUR
AV-advance angled antenna socket
From 2,01 EUR
AV-advance antenna plug
From 1,61 EUR
AV-advance antenna socket
From 1,61 EUR
AV-advance F-Connector antenna cable - SALE
From 6,58 EUR
Cabstone iPad/iPhone power kit with Lightning connectors
From 21,35 EUR
CalDigit Thunderbolt Station 2
From 214,74 EUR
ClickTronic Component Video Kabel
From 24,04 EUR
ClickTronic Digital audio converter (Optical <-> Coaxial )
From 34,78 EUR
ClickTronic series Displayport cable
From 24,04 EUR
ClickTronic Ultra HD HDMI splitter
From 80,44 EUR

ClickTronic USB 3.0 cable (Type A - B)
From 10,61 EUR
ClickTronic VGA monitorcable with 3.5 mm jack
From 17,32 EUR
DeLOCK USB 2.0 USB hub, 4 ports - SALE
From 7,92 EUR
DKT Comega Freja MM4-65D antenna wall socket with TV/FM/DATA
From 20,01 EUR

GoAllTV Powerline 500 NANO kit, 500 mbps
From 40,15 EUR
Goobay CAT 5e F-UTP screened network cable - Gray
From 2,01 EUR
Goobay CAT 6 S-FTP screened network cable - Orange
From 2,55 EUR
Goobay flat F-connector antenna extension cable
From 3,89 EUR
Inakustik Premium MiniJack extension cable
From 22,70 EUR
Inakustik Premium Optik-Clean for 3D eyeglasses
From 5,24 EUR
JBL Xtreme speaker
From 267,25 EUR

König 2-way HDMI splitter
From 46,87 EUR
Lindy 4 pins Firewire cable
From 7,92 EUR
Lindy 4-6 pins Firewire cable
From 6,58 EUR
Lindy 4-9 pins Firewire 800 cable
From 17,32 EUR
Lindy 6-9 pins Firewire 800 cable
From 6,58 EUR
Lindy 90 deg. DVI-I angle adaptor, female - female
From 13,30 EUR
Lindy 9-9 pins Firewire 800 cable
From 7,92 EUR
Lindy Composite AV kabel for iPod/iPhone/iPad
From 13,30 EUR
Lindy KVM Switch with Displayport, USB 2.0 and Audio
From 79,10 EUR
Lindy Premium Gold Displayport cable
From 38,81 EUR
Lindy Premium Gold Toslink Digital Audio Cable
From 17,32 EUR
Lindy Tester for HDMI cables
From 26,73 EUR
Lindy Ultra HD HDMI splitter
From 40,15 EUR

Lindy USB 3.0 activ extender with 4 port hub, 10 m.
From 80,44 EUR
Lindy XLR to USB microfon cable, 5 meters
From 20,01 EUR
MicroConnect Pro HDMI kabel with lock
From 30,75 EUR

Opticis M1-1000 optical DVI-D cable
From 537,05 EUR
PANZER Full-Fit screen protector for Apple iPhone 6/6S PLUS
From 24,04 EUR
PANZER screen protector for Apple iPhone 6/6S PLUS
From 18,67 EUR
Pioneer U-05 DAC and headphone pre amplifier
From 671,35 EUR

Real Cable Cheverny II-EBU Mono digital XLR cable
From 53,58 EUR
Real Cable XLR 128 balanced stereo XLR cable pair - SALE
From 26,73 EUR
Skross RELOAD 12 power bank, 12000 mAh
From 53,58 EUR
Supra Cables DVI - HDMI certified cables
From 38,81 EUR
Supra Cables Single-Link DVI-D Cables
From 46,87 EUR
Supra Cables Sword Bifilar Litz loud speaker cable - Stereo ...
From 469,90 EUR
Supra Cables USB 2.0 audio cable (Type A - B)
From 25,38 EUR

SVS SoundPath Subwoofer cable
From 46,87 EUR
Triax antenna cable (Ø6.8 mm) - 25 meter
From 21,35 EUR
  AIRTAME Apple Atlona AV-advance Cablecon ClickTronic Goobay Huawei Inakustik Lindy MicroConnect Neutrik Nordost One For All  
  PANZER Real Cable Skross Supra Cables  

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