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Xindak Cable

XindakChengdu Xindak Electronic Co. Ltd. - a Chinese company, established in 1988 - manufactures high-end amplifiers, CD players and cables from the simple design principles and without unnecessary frills.

The products are known for superior build quality, genuine materials and well-chosen components. As the products are developed and manufactured in China, prices are extraordinary attractive - when you buy Xindak you get really good value.

AV Connection carry a broad assortment of Xindak signal, power and speaker cables, and have selected products from the hi-fi equipment program at the store.

Excerpts from the manufacturer's website:
The former of Chengdu Xindak Electronics Co., Ltd. is Chengdu Xinda Audio & Lighting Equipment Factory established in 1988, which began to undertake the manufacturing and sales related to audio products. From the earliest products of special membrane capacitance for audio, that is the MKP series capacitances of Xindak brand to all types of Hi-Fi power amplifiers, speaker units and wire for loudspeaker box, the company engaged in the digital audio field of hi-tech, so the development of the company has solid foundation. All the products of Xindak have the company’s profound culture and Hi-Fi design idea accumulated for long time. The unique structural technique and excellent materials of the products always keep ahead in the audio industry and win the customers’ support and trust. The products of the company have won many prices in the past years, and Xindak brand has been authorized as “Chengdu Famous Brand” by Chengdu Municipal and the consumers’ favorite brand investigated by the professional media for many years. Xindak is sure to be the world famous audio brand, which can endure any test.

Xindak cables

Xindak Stereo interconnect cables
Xindak Stereo interconnect cables
Xindak speaker cable
Xindak speaker cable
Xindak Power cables
Xindak Power cables

Xindak AC-05 Series stereo RCA audio cab...
From 40,96 EUR
Xindak PC-03 Power Cable, Schuko plug
From 58,77 EUR
Xindak XF-1000ES Power Conditioner (3 po...
From 410,82 EUR
Xindak AC-01 Series stereo audio RCA cab...
From 54,66 EUR
Xindak SS-1 Jumper cable, 20 cm, 2 pairs
From 68,36 EUR
Xindak FS-Gold speaker cable pair, 2x 2....
From 2.328,63 EUR
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