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Brand description - Cablecon

Cablecon Corning Cabelcon ApS - the manufacturer of the original Cabelcon connectors and Corning RF-connectors - was founded in 1983.

Since its establishment in 1983 Corning Cabelcon has been the fastest growing coaxial connector manufacturer in Europe. Today, we are Europe's largest supplier of coaxial connectors and accessories for CATV. Premium class connectors for Mobile Cellular Systems such as GSM and UMTS are an important and fast growing part of our business too.

Corning Cabelcon deliberately attracts highly skilled and creative human resources with our business philosophy. Profit sharing schemes and management by empowerment ensure high productivity, an uncompromising attitude to quality throughout, and a unique development spirit.

Corning's coax connector group with Corning Cabelcon and Corning Gilbert Inc., is the largest manufacturer of connectors for CATV in the world

Corning's strong base with more than 20.000 employees worldwide allows Corning Cabelcon to share knowledge, to move quickly, to develop new products and to expand capacity in response to the strong demand for our products. Corning Inc., celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2001.
Price Match
PRICEMATCH on Cablecon

Cablecon antennacable combiner for 7 mm. groundcable
From 33,42 EUR

Cablecon F-56 3.9 Self-InstallT F-Connector for 5.6 mm. cable
From 0,94 EUR

Cablecon F-56 5.1 Self-InstallT F-Connector for 6.6 - 7.0 mm. cable
From 0,94 EUR


Cablecon F-kompressions/krimp stik CX3-7.0QM
From 2,01 EUR

Cablecon outdoor F-56 5.1W Self-InstallT F-Connector with o-ring for 6.6 - 6.8 mm. cable
From 1,21 EUR

Cablecon Pocket installer coax stripper Tool
From 7,92 EUR

Cablecon Self-Install angle antenna socket
From 4,70 EUR

Cablecon Self-Install angled antenna plug
From 4,70 EUR

Cablecon Self-Install antenna plug
From 3,89 EUR

Cablecon Self-Install antenna socket
From 3,89 EUR

Cablecon Self-Install kit
From 14,63 EUR

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